Experiencing – and Learning from – the Retirement Lifestyle

Linkmedia 360 Visits a Client’s Senior Living Community

Recently, three members of the Linkmedia 360 Senior Living team – Marissa Centofanti, Joanna Nativio, and I – enjoyed an onsite visit with a newer client. Not only did we get a chance to spend a couple hours discussing results and having a productive brainstorming session, but we also met with some of the client’s other partners, too. And, the best part was that we could fully immerse ourselves in the community by staying overnight in their VIP suite, having dinner with the residents and taking part in some of the daily activities the community offers.

Experiencing the Community Firsthand

When we first kick off a partnership with a new senior living client, we always take the time to get a good understanding of all the ins and outs of their community. What makes them unique and sets them apart from their competitors? What are their marketing goals? What areas of the community have census needs? Listening to and discussing their answers to these questions allows us to better craft a program that will help create visibility and deliver the results they seek.

During our onsite meeting with this particular client and their partners, we learned more about the type of people the community attracts and how their residents are all interesting, vibrant and active individuals. They stressed the importance of reaching these specific types of individuals and filling the wait list for their independent living community. They spoke often about the warmth their smaller community provides, where all residents are actively involved in several different aspects of the community.

The bottom line is that the residents’ opinions and desires are what matter most, and their wishes are always taken into consideration before any major changes are made to any part of the community or programs offered. After experiencing this firsthand (including hearing it directly from the residents during dinner!), our team now knows exactly how to incorporate this into our messaging strategy. As digital marketing experts, we understand SEO ranking factors, PPC bidding strategies, and content marketing best practices, but combining those with a firsthand look into a client’s daily opportunities and challenges helps us maximize our results.

Insights into Residents’ Lives at the CommunitySenior_Living_Marketing

Additionally, while meeting with the client was extremely insightful, it was experiencing the residents’ lifestyle firsthand that truly made the trip! We had a lovely dinner with three of the residents, who were readily willing to open up to us about their lives and why they chose to move to the community. We now have real people with real stories to keep in mind as we support our client’s marketing initiatives.

We also participated in some daily activities the next morning, taking an exercise class and enjoying a ladies’ coffee hour with the residents. The coffee hour really helped us to get a better grasp of the type of residents the community attracts. With our new understanding of the community’s target audience, we can now be laser-focused with our strategy and messaging to ensure we are reaching the right people. Because when we can grow traffic and attract the right visitors to the website, we have a much better chance of driving more qualified leads and growing census.

All three of us left the community feeling inspired by our conversations with the residents. Joanna, in particular, felt like she now really just “got it”; how content needs to be crafted in a positive light, speaking to the potential residents who would best fit in at the community.

Visiting the community provided an invaluable learning experience. We’ll definitely seek more opportunities for these types of on-site visits in the future, so we can continue to craft our strategies, messaging and content to meet our clients’ individual needs.

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