One new way to Support Your Senior Living Community Grand Opening Marketing Plan

Wouldn’t it be nice if promoting a new location were as easy as the iconic quote from ‘Field of Dreams’? “If you build it, they will come.” Unfortunately, as savvy senior living marketing teams know, this is not the reality.

Though the silver tsunami is poised to boost occupancy levels, your community doesn’t have the luxury of waiting several years for it to hit. The expectation is to recoup the substantial investment in a new community as early as possible. This requires a proactive promotional strategy that steadily builds buzz (and a waiting list) prior to the ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremony.

In this post, you’ll learn:

  • Two tips to improve the promotion in your grand opening marketing plan

Use Video to Extend the Vision of Your CEO or Executive Director

For a senior living brand expanding into a highly competitive market, a compelling message from your CEO or Executive Director can be a great way to introduce your community to a new audience.

To drive the greatest impact from your CEO or Executive Director’s video, implement these two elements.

1.) Create a landing page to promote your community’s location:

The URL to this vanity landing page should be featured on every piece of marketing collateral included in your grand opening marketing plan. To get the most mileage out of this landing page, the senior living marketing team can collaborate with site developers and designers to launch the page a year before your new location is slated to open.

To increase the mileage of this landing page, use updates on social channels to drive traffic back to the landing page. These posts can contain “behind the scenes” pictures and CTAs consistent with your messaging. Closer to your community’s grand opening, allocate a paid budget to social, traditional, and digital channels featuring the URL of your landing page.

Track conversions on the landing page’s unique URL as a goal in Google Analytics after the landing page is pushed live. That way, your senior living marketing team can attribute goal completions to the channel that drove a successful action.

2.) Include a Compelling Call-To-Action on the Landing Page:

What action do we want them to take after they’ve landed and watched?

Your landing page with the video provides the perfect opportunity to encourage traffic to take action.  Whether it’s a CTA encouraging visitors to schedule a meeting, join the waiting list, or attend an event your community can capitalize on the traffic it’s earned.

What Additional Tactics does a Grand Opening Marketing Plan Need? Call Our Team for More Ideas

Enticing prospective residents unfamiliar with your community’s brand is no easy feat when building a new location. Don’t anticipate a scene out of ‘Field of Dreams’ but also understand there are elements senior living marketing teams can incorporate to drive demand.

Of course, if your team has questions after reading this or needs additional context, contact our team. We’ll provide tips and tricks to have your CEO or Executive Director’s promotional video resonate and convert traffic.

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