Your Guide to Winning Senior Living Marketing in 2018 has Arrived!

The results are in. After surveying over 200 senior living sales and marketing leaders, we learned the most common challenges facing teams responsible for resident acquisition and occupancy success. The day-to-day expectations of driving community engagement, becoming a search engine optimization expert, journalist, senior living guru, marketer, and salesperson rolled into one can be overwhelming.

Our goal for this Guide is to help people like you, senior living sales and marketing leaders, face and address their unique set of challenges. If your team wants to win senior living marketing this year, our Guide will be a handy asset. You’ll learn 5 tactics your senior living community can embrace to win 2018 within our Guide.

4 Senior Living Trends that will Continue to have an Impact in 2018

Based on the survey we conducted and the conversations our team had with senior living leaders, we’ve identified four trends communities should be aware of and continue to address in 2018:

  1. The rise of the digitally savvy senior
  2. The intense need for differentiation across service lines given the shift in living preferences
  3. Declining occupancy rates and increased competition forcing investments in technology and innovation to stay ahead of the pack
  4. Greater integration of traditional and digital marketing programs and intense scrutiny of marketing’s return on investment

Your team may have faced these emerging and continuing trends for years, depending on your community’s location. The pace of change will continue, and within the Guide we address these changes while offering tactics to apply to your resident acquisition strategy.

Areas Addressed in Linkmedia 360’s Senior Living Marketing Guide

Here are the areas covered in the Guide to help your senior living marketing team address its unique set of challenges regarding resident acquisition:

  • An extensive review of the current state of occupancy
  • An analysis of marketing budgets and allocations in 2018
  • We reveal the most common challenges facing senior living sales and marketing leaders in 2018
  • We share five actionable recommendations your team can implement to tackle these shared challenges while setting your community up for a winning 2018

We understand that team members are wearing “multiple hats” within a senior living organization, and prioritizing efforts to effectively impact occupancy takes all hands on deck (including some automation). Our Guide was created with that insight at heart, to help your team achieve its goals and make the most of your marketing.

Are the trends we addressed reminiscent of your community? Senior living marketing isn’t getting less complicated, but the shared challenges we discovered can be overcome with diligence, strategy, and teamwork. Download your copy of the Guide to start winning your resident acquisition strategy, and contact our team with any questions.

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