How to Manage Lead Flow for Senior Living Communities with 5+ Locations

It’s nearly summer. That means tours, onsite events, and occupancy rate improvement opportunities for senior living marketing teams. Is your senior living organization poised to make the most out of its leads in summer 2018?

Many senior care professionals would nod their heads with a collective, ‘Yes’.

However, after surveying more than 200 senior living marketing practitioners we learned the four greatest challenges facing the industry. One challenge is the daunting prospect of having ‘Too Much Work, Too Little Time’ in which to accomplish tasks.

Sound familiar? Click the picture below and download your copy of the 2018 Senior Living Marketing Guide to learn the additional 3 shared challenges, with 5 tactics senior living organizations can employ to combat those challenges.

Between inbound leads, referrals, online leads, leads from traditional channels, and your “walk ins” – mean senior living marketers and sales teams have a LOT to sift through. Couple that with limited time, AND multiple locations, makes it easy to see where lucrative leads could slip through the cracks.

In fact, your senior living organization could be wasting as much as 71% of its online leads. What can we do? For single-site senior living communities, lead management is recommended. But for senior living organizations with over five locations, it’s a must.

In this post, we talk senior living lead management, and how applying a concerted strategy behind it can skyrocket move-ins and senior living marketing effectiveness for communities with multiple locations.

You’ll learn:

  • 2 Recommendations for strategic lead management for communities with multiple locations
  • Digital marketing ProTips within the 2 recommendations to help your senior living marketing team effectively implement the recommendations

2 Senior Living Lead Management Recommendations for Multiple Locations in 2018

1.) Integrate and Actively Manage Your Senior Living CRM of Choice:

We’re going to assume your community took us up on our advice in January and has a CRM integrated into its organizations. If not, catch up and learn here.

Though your senior care organization has a CRM, it may not be using it to its fullest potential for lead management at your various locations. Convertr reports that between 50% to 70% of CRM data is useless, due to inaccurate or duplicated data.

To save your organization from becoming a statistic, it will need to go beyond CRM integration. Apply these three digital marketing ProTips for smart CRM lead management.

  • Form Routing: Do form notifications get sent to the appropriate person at each community? Make sure that distinction is enabled for each of your locations.
  • Multi-Community Forms: Assuming there is a main “contact us” form, are all leads routed to corporate? Or does your organization have a location selector in the form that can then route leads to the individual community?
  • Communicating and Referring Leads to the Right Staff at the Right Community Location: One real-life example: Sometimes people call community A, which doesn’t offer a service like memory care, but community B does and it’s 5 miles away. Ensure sales teams and the building knows to direct calls to the correct community when this comes up. Equipping sales teams with the right leads will do wonders for move-ins and overall occupancy.

2.) Utilize Local Listings Management (Local SEO) to Guarantee Leads are Filtered where they should go:

Digitally savvy seniors and adult-child influencers are searching for senior care options that suit their needs, and many of those searches are performed on a mobile phone instead of a desktop. Why is that important?

Nearly 1/3 of all mobile searches are related to location, with data sourced from Think with Google. Capitalizing on those “micro moments” will be critical to meeting occupancy goals. Before submitting, citing, managing, and updating local listings information, consider these two ProTips.

  • Call tracking: What is the community’s plan if someone calls a main number and needs to go to a certain community? Is there an internal plan in place? Is there an auto-attend menu?
  • Communities in close proximity with similar services: How are communities differentiated when they are in close proximity? How are leads managed between the two? Optimizing for specialized offerings will help community locations stand out from local competition and will ensure leads aren’t cannibalized within your organization.

Make 2018 the Watershed Year of Lead Management

Managing leads is a tricky balance between communication and strategy. If your senior care organization feels as if its lead management system could need refinement, don’t be shy and contact us. Our award-winning team of digital marketers will leverage our expertise to your organizations benefit.

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