Senior Living Marketers: Use Call Tracking!

Why Every Senior Living Marketing Program Should Include Call Tracking

It’s happened to many digital marketers: perhaps you’ve seen an increase in website visits, an improvement in bounce rate or other growing top-line metrics through an updated digital strategy – but your online conversion rates have stagnated. ­­­

We’ve seen it, too.

After ensuring that the calls to action (CTAs) were clear and contact forms were working properly, we needed to understand where our seemingly qualified visitors were going when they should have been converting from site “visitors” to “leads.” One hypothesis we developed after interviewing our client partner’s sales team: web visitors may have been calling in lieu of submitting a form, but all teams were lacking a major source of data because calls were not being tracked by source.

With this in mind, we implemented a call tracking solution on the client’s website – and total web leads quadrupled in a month. The following highlights how it worked and how you can get started.

What is Call Tracking?

call tracking lead generationCall tracking solutions work by adding a unique number to your website that routes calls to your business’s phone number. These calls are tracked through an online platform, which includes helpful insight into caller IDs, length of calls and more. Call tracking can be used with any property (your website, social media profile, in print form, etc.), but for this post, we’ll focus on leveraging call tracking for websites.

For example, a senior living provider with 10 locations may have 10 community-specific pages on its website that each include a building-specific phone number. With a call tracking solution, a unique tracked number would be included on each page. When dialed, it reroutes callers to the facility’s real number.

We won’t get too complicated, but to take it a step further, we can also track calls by the source (organic, paid, direct, etc.). To do this, we would set up call tracking to dynamically replace numbers on the website depending on the source of your visitors. If someone arrives through paid search, they will see a different tracked phone number vs. someone who entered through a Google search result. This level of detail allows us to drill down into which tactics are moving the needle the most.

The Benefits of Call Tracking

By tracking calls, you’ll learn more about website activities in general, enabling your senior living brand to gain insight into a source of a leads that may have been previously underreported. Additionally, you’ll be able to better allocate budget and resources by drilling down into individual tactics that perform better than others. (Maybe PPC performs significantly better than email efforts – or perhaps your recent e-newsletter drove a large spike in qualified phone calls). This will give you a much clearer understanding of your total return on investment (ROI) for all efforts, illuminating a more accurate cost-per-lead.

Get Started with Call Tracking

To get started, we recommend identifying a trusted call tracking solution provider. (Pro tip: lean on the expertise of an integrated digital marketing agency). Most of the solutions we’ve vetted present a minimal monthly cost, and there are varying degrees of features you can choose from, such as toll-free or local numbers. Once implemented, and we can’t stress this enough: test, test, test. Test your plan, your numbers and your user journey. After spending some time with your data, you’ll be better able to tailor your strategy to address any potential challenges or expand to additional campaigns.

Making the Case for Call Tracking

Investing in any business initiative requires research, consideration and assurance that the solution will adequately address challenges and ultimately drive growth. As senior living and lead generation pros, we’ve done the leg work and have seen the positive results call tracking can drive. Regardless of where your brand falls within the digital marketing maturity model, from beginner to expert, we believe that all senior living communities should be using this tool. It could be the difference between 100 and 400 new web leads in a timeframe of just one month; that’s impressive by any standard.

For more on call tracking and all things digital marketing, contact us.

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