Content is Still King in Senior Living Marketing

Content continues to be a trusted way for senior living providers to engage with prospective residents and adult-child influencers (ACI’s). Additional ways content can be utilized in senior living is addressed in our Guide. Download your copy below.

In Part 4, your community will learn:

  • The benefits a consistent content marketing program can have for a senior living community’s resident acquisition strategy
  • Three content marketing tips for communities with established strategies
  • Three content marketing tips for communities beginning a program

Idea #3: Continue (or begin) a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing has been a buzz word among marketers for years, though the strategic advantages of a consistent content marketing strategy continue today. Part 1, Part 2 and in Part 3  in this series of senior living marketing ideas address ways providers can use the latest marketing tactics to improve census. Click the link for each to catch up.

Whether your community has a content marketing strategy firmly in place, or is just beginning one, this is YOUR YEAR. And the stats back up the potential for adding content into a resident acquisition strategy.

  • Content Marketing receives six times the conversion rate compared to traditional media
  • Content Marketing can produce 434% more search-indexed pages than other sites not publishing content
  • Small businesses who blog see 126% more lead growth than small businesses who don’t

The following stats were pulled from Content Marketing Institute, and it’s pretty easy to see the benefits for both newbies to the content marketing space and veterans alike. We’ll provide tips for both below.

3 Tips for Senior Living Communities Continuing a Content Marketing Strategy

Senior Living communities continuing a content marketing strategy consider:

  1. Focus on quality over quantity (less is more) Content marketing builds trust unlike any other medium, and your community will have to build trust with both your prospective resident and their ACI if you want to exceed your occupancy goals. 81% of consumers trust information written in blogs, so consider making a greater investment to tell your community’s story via your blog.
  2. Make your Content Hyper-Local and Specific: Use your community’s specific location to differentiate your content from your competitors. It’s a great way to promote the wellness and health-based options your community provides. Your team can then repurpose that content to both your social channels and newsletter/email strategy to get the most out of the hard work put into creating unique, location-specific content.
  3. Amplify your Content: Content creation is only half of the battle. Once your content is out there for all to see, your team needs to ensure that it is seen. Your community can extend its message to a wider net by amplifying its content. Look to incorporate paid media channels (paid ads/boosted social posts) to increase awareness for your community’s content. Content amplification will lead your prospective residents through the funnel with velocity, assisting occupancy efforts. Your community will have to determine the goals of its content amplification and have a strategy in place to ensure its success. Consult this handy post from Content Marketing Institute to help your team kick off its content amplification.

3 Tips for Senior Living Communities Beginning a Content Marketing Strategy

Senior Living communities beginning a content strategy consider:

  1. Assign roles to team members: To ensure your community doesn’t bite off more than it can chew when beginning a content program, it will first need to assign the necessary roles for its content creation. If your community only has the bandwidth to assign the writing, editing, and publishing responsibilities to one person, consider getting assistance from an outside agency or resource for help. Typically, your team will only need a dedicated writer and editor to kick off a content program, and that team can scale as production ramps up.
  2. Create Buyer Personas: How would you describe your “typical” or “ideal” resident? It’s important that your community’s content feels prescriptive to the individuals reading it, as they’re using your content to help them determine which community she/he will call home. Personas provide a focus to your content. It’s always easier to have an in-depth conversation with one person vs. a group of people, and your community’s content can feel like it’s having a 1:1 conversation with prospective residents when using defined and accurate personas.
  3. Map Your Persona to the Resident’s Journey: Most of your prospective residents and ACIs will begin the information gathering process with a Google search. Other times, the resident is close to deciding and is more interested in the cost or culture of your community. Create content that speaks to residents regardless of where they fall within the buyer’s journey. Hubspot provides a look into this process, so use that as a resource as your community begins creating content to earn trust and assist your resident acquisition goals.

Content Requires Creativity and Contemplation

Content marketing isn’t a new senior living marketing idea, but it provides a variety of benefits while developing trust with prospective resident’s and ACI’s. Implementing a consistent strategy will be essential to exceeding census and resident acquisition goals.

Is your senior living community just beginning its content marketing strategy, or does your community consider itself a practicing pro?

Content marketing is an incredibly effective way to engage with residents, but the customer path isn’t always linear. If your community is ever struggling with connecting the dots with its content program or needs help, contact us. Happy writing and engaging!

We provide insights from over 200 of your peers, whether they’re beginners or pros within the Senior Living Sales and Marketing Leadership Guide.

In the next installment, we’ll address marketing automation and how automation helps teams work smarter, not harder to reach resident acquisition goals.

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