5 Tips to Keep Your Senior Living Leads Engaged After a Visit or Tour

How do you prevent prospective residents from going dark on you after a tour?

Data shows that senior living communities have approximately 30 days after a tour to entice prospective residents to move into a community. After that? These leads often go ‘dark’ and have either found another community to call home or found an arrangement suitable for their needs.

How can community’s keep prospective residents engaged without becoming bothersome? Continue reading to learn:

  • Five ways your sales team can keep its prospective residents engaged after a tour

Senior Living Sales Tip #1: Schedule Time in Your Calendar for Outreach

Your community’s sales team will need to block off substantial time for outreach after tours. This effort helps your team keep its priorities fixed on the leads likeliest to close, and not distracted with miscellaneous tasks.

Though your community could have knocked a tour out of the park, your prospective resident and/or ACI may have lingering questions or doubts. Moving to a community is one of the most important decisions an individual will make in their life. By allowing additional time for outreach, your sales team is able to answer questions it may not have been able to in person, while establishing a deeper bond with prospective residents.

Senior Living Sales Tip #2: Make it Personal: Write and Mail a Handwritten Thank You Letter

Handwritten letters thanking the resident and their family for attending a tour will build trust and make prospective residents/family members feel at ease. The benefits of handwritten letters don’t end there. Psychology Today spotlights a study where participants wrote letters of gratitude and predicted how the letter recipient would feel about the correspondence.

The results?

Study participants underestimated how positive the expression of gratitude made letter recipients feel. Additionally, researchers discovered that both the participant writing the letter and recipient receiving the letter experienced a boost to their mood and experienced feelings of well-being from the act.

Meaning, the effort of sending a handwritten thank you letter is a win-win for the letter sender and receiver, making it a no-brainer for senior living sales outreach. By taking the time to write a handwritten letter, it shows your prospective resident your community isn’t just after a sale. It demonstrates that your community cares about prospective residents and goes above and beyond to ensure they feel comfortable and make the right decision.

Senior Living Sales Tip #3: Invite Prospective Residents and ACIs to Future Events

Just because the first tour didn’t pique the interest of a prospective resident enough to move into your community doesn’t mean that prospect isn’t interested. Sometimes people require additional time to make a decision. Extending an invitation to future events shows prospective residents that your community isn’t rushing their decision.

The move-in process takes time after all, and your team will want to make prospective residents and ACIs feel as comfortable as possible. Having a ‘no pressure’ approach and inviting prospects to your upcoming event, coupled with a handwritten, personalized letter could be the necessary lynchpin for your community’s sales efforts.

Senior Living Sales Tip #4: Set up an Email Marketing Automation Drip Campaign

Despite repeated invitations to future events, calls, and personalized handwritten cards, some prospective residents will still play hard to get. In this circumstance, your senior living marketing team can still nurture these leads. The move-in process takes anywhere between six months to two years or longer, depending on the levels of care your community offers. If your team has unsuccessfully connected with prospective residents after a tour, then email is the perfect channel to continue your outreach. Set up a cadence for your emails, featuring content that’s relevant to the stage in the resident move-in journey.

Senior Living Sales Tip #5: Use Retargeting Ads to Stay Top-of-Mind

During an undefined point in the lengthy move-in sales cycle, a prospective resident or ACI will visit your website. With retargeting, also referred to as remarketing, your community can stay on prospective residents’ radars as they search the web.

How does retargeting work?

A piece of JavaScript code is created for your website. This code doesn’t affect website performance or functionality. Each time someone visits your website this code will act as a cookie, attaching itself to the visitor’s browser. Working in conjunction with your retargeting solution, when your site visitor surfs the web, they’ll be presented an ad for your senior living community. Retargeting ads can be used for your website and social media channels.

Retargeting ads give providers the opportunity to reinforce unique offerings to an extremely relevant audience already familiar with your community. This added visibility could prove crucial to staying top-of-mind with prospective residents when previous outreach efforts have been unsuccessful.

Retargeting ads act as a safety net for senior living marketing and sales efforts to ensure that prospects stay engaged with your brand in the short 30-day window after a tour.

Senior Living Sales Isn’t Easy – Contact Our Team for Additional Help

Your community could have had a flawless tour and still struggle with move-ins. If that’s the case, contact our team. We’ve consulted provider partners to recognize opportunities to impact sales and occupancy with our industry expertise and array of solutions.

Don’t let your next tour’s leads go dark. Our team can help.

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