How to Acquire New Residents with Local SEO for Senior Living

In the first two pieces in this series, the Senior Living team provided tips and strategies to entice, engage with, and ultimately convert residents to your community through Pay-Per-Click (PPC), and Local Listings (LLM). We’ll wrap up this series by focusing on one last area of your digital marketing strategy that could strengthen your community’s census, branding and longevity.

Turn Search into Census: The Power of Senior Living SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a component of digital marketing that (understandably) gets a lot of attention. That’s because it’s a must-have for any business’s continued success, including your senior living community. Of course, we aren’t waving a wand and promising you’ll see instant results. But—over time—these three actionable tips can help your community build its census. Let’s get started:

Senior Living SEO Tip 1: Develop a Content Strategy

Search engines are continually refining their algorithms to better fit the needs of the user. And, users love content that’s fresh, original and unique. As a result, search engines place more weight on content that exhibits those characteristics.

One of the great things about developing content for senior living communities is the benefit of continuous, trackable traffic. But this is served with one caveat—it takes time to cultivate an audience.

SEO is your owned media, and the senior living space is competitive when it comes to achieving the organic rank you desire. Though you have a wealth of information about your community at your fingertips, don’t make the mistake of developing content you THINK your customers want to see. Instead, use keyword research to build a content strategy that is supported by search data to communicate your benefits to a potential resident.

Don’t dive right into a blog, a SnapChat account or the next content trend without first considering the amount of time it will take to maintain. Stick with proven strategies over these “bright and shiny objects,” as we recently discussed in our webinar discussing the digitally savvy senior.

Senior Living SEO Tip 2: Promote Tours while Maintaining a Local Focus

While not an overtly prominent SEO ranking factor, convincing a prospective resident to visit your campus will undeniably help your resident determine if your community is a fit. And, at the end of the day, more tours equates to more acquisitions. Incorporate this simple truth into your SEO strategy, by using city/state modifiers in your web copy wherever it makes sense.

Senior Living SEO Tip 3: Hit the (Back)links

It’s a well-known fact that certain members of the Linkmedia 360 team love to golf. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. In this instance, we’re referring to the strategy of obtaining useful “backlinks” that literally point back to your senior living community’s website.

This is a nuanced strategy that also ties into your digital marketing approach. While nobody can accurately estimate the exact weight of a given source who links back to your community, we do know that the more credible the source, the more value it portrays to search engines. So, take every opportunity to link to credible sources.

Stay Tuned for More Digital Marketing Tips for Senior Living Communities

In our webinar with MatrixCare, we discussed the digital marketing maturity model. The strategies we covered will hopefully help your team as it moves from a classical, beginner stage to the advanced stage.

We’ve only skimmed the surface of local SEO, and there’s a lot more to unbox. Refer to our previous posts for a deeper dive into setting and tracking the ideal performance metrics. As always, we’re available to answer your questions.

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