2 Takeaways for Senior Living Marketing Teams After LeadingAge 2019

Besides seeking palm trees and picturesque oceanside views, senior living providers flocked to San Diego to learn the latest industry updates, trends and tactics to implement. LeadingAge 2019 didn’t disappoint, as this year offered providers all that and more.

While the three days of LeadingAge were packed to the brim, even the most efficient and ambitious attendees wouldn’t catch everything. In that event, continue reading as our team breaks down some of the most compelling insights and takeaways from this marquee gathering. Continue reading to learn:

  • Two takeaways for senior living marketing teams from our presentation if your senior living community was unable to attend LeadingAge 2019

Takeaway #1: Ask the Right Questions to Focus on the Right Data

Whether data is stored in legacy systems, or sitting in multiple websites, CRMs and Google Analytics accounts, one consistent theme persists across the senior care spectrum: it’s difficult to know what data to prioritize and when.

Therefore, asking the right questions regarding your community’s data will help your team firmly place its focus on the metrics that matter most. Crucial questions include:

  • What channels are driving people to my website?
  • Where are people spending time or not spending time?
  • What are my top performing content pages?
  • Where are the gaps?

During our team’s presentation with Asbury, we addressed the difficulties in gleaning insights from data without first asking the right questions. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by so much data at your disposal. However, once the right questions are asked, senior living marketing teams will have renewed focus and can confidently hone in on the right data to inform decisions.

This emphasis on taking a step back to ask the right questions before leveraging data also allows teams the foresight to anticipate future demand based on the efficacy of previous campaigns and activities. During our presentation, our team also cautioned the potential pitfalls of spending time and energy on vanity metrics.

By looking at your top pages and other leading indicators like search engine rankings, you can start determining gaps in your strategy, and identify which marketing opportunities make the most sense to pursue and master first.

As a word of wisdom: Don’t blindly follow and mimic what your competition is doing – focus on what’s working well for you and what ultimately supports your business goals and budget best – and continue to make your strategy more sophisticated and accountable.

Takeaway #2: Identify and Eradicate “Zombie” Content Pages

What do zombies have to do with your senior living marketing strategy?

Zombie content pages are blog posts or pages that haven’t received significant traffic or search visibility after being published. Why is this a problem? There are several reasons. Zombie pages lead to index bloat, which is a term used to describe unnecessary pages of a website that are indexed.

Zombie pages also obscure noteworthy, well-developed content that isn’t seeing the light of day and in general, is a missed opportunity for marketing teams. Implement the following tactics after your team has checked Google Analytics and Google Search Console to remedy zombie pages on your website:

1. Consolidate zombie page content with other zombie pages

  • Result: A better performing piece of content that has a better opportunity to rank

2. Utilizing nuggets from the zombie pages in other non-zombie pages

  • Result: Well-performing pages now have even more content (to rank even better)

3. Updating zombie pages’ content with refreshed content

  • Result: Create a better post using a fraction of the hours

By executing the tactics above, your senior living marketing team will breathe new life into its content and chances are, will also benefit from improved rankings on search engines.

Until Next Time, LeadingAge Annual Meeting

The three days of LeadingAge annual meeting gave senior living providers opportunities to network, engage and implement the tactics to fuel successful strategies for the coming year. It is our hope that your community returned home with renewed confidence to surpass its goals.

Of course, if your team happened to miss LeadingAge or has a question regarding the latest tactics to implement, contact our team. We’ll be happy to hear about your specific challenges and will tailor an approach for your community.

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