SEO for Banking: The Importance of Fresh Content on Your Website

Why Websites Need Fresh Content

An important element of search engine optimization for the retail banking industry (and any industry in general) is having fresh content readily available on your business’s website. Why? Well, fresh content shows Google that your site is being updated with all the latest and greatest information about your products, services or industry. And Google loves fresh content!  Content is absolutely essential when it comes to establishing and maintaining your website’s credibility with the top search engines- Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. It also shows that you care about engaging with your customers, are committed to your industry, and gives your website more ranking authority.

However, not just any content will do. You need to make sure you’re focusing on the keywords that are important to your business first and foremost. Think about what your customers might be searching for in regards to your industry. Using a tool like Google’s keyword planner can help you do quality keyword research, and then you can focus your content around these keywords.

Secondly, make sure you’re producing quality content. Focus more on creating reliable and credible content that is easily shareable and promotable by your customers. Having one new quality piece of content on your site each week is more important than creating several pieces that lack keywords or credibility.

Types of Fresh Content for Your Website

So, now you know that quality, fresh content is an important part of your SEO strategy. But what type of content can you add to your website? Here are just a few ideas:

  • Resource articles: A relatively easy way to keep content fresh on your website is to add a Resource Center. Here, you can post articles with updated information about the retail banking industry and your products and services.
  • Blog: A blog can be a bit more of a time commitment, but the value one can add to your website is huge. Make a list of topics and create a content calendar; you can even search some of your competitors’ sites to see if they have a blog and what they’re writing about. Figure out how much time you can devote each week to blogging, as some companies find that this additional task can become too much for one person. Some even hire a dedicated writer or freelancer to create blog posts on a weekly basis.
  • Press Releases: Adding press releases to your website is a great way to keep content fresh. If you have press releases announcing new employees, accomplishments or new products and services, get these added to a Resource Center or About Us section on your website.
  • Updated FAQs: Keep the Frequently Asked Questions section of your website updated at least a few times a year with the most common questions you’re receiving from your customers. This not only helps build content on your site, but allows for more keyword usage throughout the page.
  • New Graphics: After about five years or so, graphics tend to become outdated. Take a look at the current images on your site, and if they haven’t been updated lately, it’s time to add some fresh photos. You can even add your keywords into the Alt Text section to provide more keywords on the pages.
  • Event Photos/Videos: If your company takes part in an event, share the pictures in a photo gallery on your website. The same goes for video; if you’ve produced any informational videos, promotions or commercials, add those to your site, too.
  • Newsletters: Does your company send out a monthly or quarterly newsletter? Create a place for them on your website and every time an updated newsletter goes out, upload it to your site, too.

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