Are You Doing SEO For Your Senior Living Community?

Choosing Keywords for Optimizing Senior Living Websites

You can reach more potential residents when you have a properly optimized senior living website. Search engine optimization (SEO) for senior living communities requires a balance of onsite, offsite and technical elements to function properly. Today we’ll look closer at onsite optimization, specifically how to choose SEO keywords that make sense for your senior living community.

Use data you already have

Before Google went dark, marketers had a wealth of information at their fingertips that showed the exact search terms users typed into a search engine to come to your site. Now these search terms are displayed as “not provided.”
Still, you can use some existing keyword data to help you guide your keyword research. First, if your site has a long analytics history, you can pull back data from pre Dark Google (2011) that will show you search terms. The next place to look is Google Webmaster Tools where you can see some of the keywords that users are searching to find your site. You can also look at the data from your AdWords campaigns to see which terms are performing the best.
This will give you some guidance on the types of terms to use when optimizing your site. Since users are already connecting these terms with your company, it’s a good idea to use them as keyword inspiration.

Look at your copy

Another place to get keyword ideas is to look at your website copy. What kind of keywords are you already using naturally? More than likely, your copy naturally has a theme for each page. You probably have broader more general copy on the homepage (think terms like senior retirement, senior living, assisted living) and more specific copy on internal pages (for example, on the careers page, terms like senior care jobs, caregiver jobs, etc.). Look through the copy of each page to give you inspiration on the types of terms that would make sense to target.

Ask your residents

You can also ask your residents about what kind of search terms they used as the searched the Internet for information about senior care. If you already ask the standard “how did you hear about us” question, you can add a field for those that used a search engine and ask what search terms they used.

Use keyword tools

Using analytical data, your website copy and information from residents, you can take these keyword ideas and put them into a keyword tool, such as Google Keyword Planner, to generate additional ideas. Google Keyword Planner will also tell you the month search volume of each keyword as well as the competition. This will help you decide if the keyword is too competitive or not worth pursuing if the search volume is too small.

Don’t forget about a local focus

If your business is located in a specific geographic region, you’ll want to add local modifiers to your keywords. Targeting broader senior terms such as senior home care will be more difficult to rank for and could pull in irrelevant traffic for individuals in regions you don’t have a location. Instead, adding a location modifier to make your term reflect your location (ie “Atlanta senior living community”) will help your rank better for local searches.

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