Smarter Pay Per Click Advertising

How Senior Living Marketers Can Drive More Leads with Google My Business Insights

Whether you’re looking to bump up your memory care census or need to attract more independent living residents to certain locations, PPC (pay per click advertising) is a medium that can provide significant value to your bottom-line goals. In fact, according to a recent study from Google, about 75% of people ages 50-68 are using search engines to find more information on senior living for themselves or for a loved one!

Despite this great opportunity, the challenge for many marketers is that PPC offers so much data and so many targeting capabilities that figuring out when, where and how to best invest PPC dollars can get tricky and time consuming. This is where Google My Business can help.

Getting Smarter with Google My Business Insights

Google My Business, sometimes referred to as GMB and formerly known as Google Places, is the tool that powers Google Maps and houses your community’s location information that appears in localized search results (name, gmb_transparentaddress, phone number, website, etc.). As a senior living community marketer, it’s essential to ensure the right information is verified in your GMB listing, but we recommend taking things a step further and capitalizing on the data GMB provides.

GMB Insights is Google’s latest answer to marketing challenges: more data, better sources, and greater depth. Not only does Insights provide search information, but it also lets you see website visits, direction requests, phone calls and photo views that your local listing generated.

What piqued our interest in particular was the search-to-phone call attribution: if we know the days of the week our senior living clients are receiving the most phone calls directly from Google search, we can better schedule PPC ads (also known as “dayparting”).

Scheduling PPC Ads with GMB Insights

With Insights, community marketers can now make a stronger connection between which days have the highest search results, which hours of those days have the highest call volumes, and subsequently, when to turn on a location’s PPC ad or shut it down for the day.


If Insights reveals that a location receives no calls on Sundays but upwards of 10 on Wednesday afternoons, we now have very powerful information we can directly put into action and test with PPC dayparting. Of course, we always recommend testing a new strategy to ensure it drives the expected results for your community, but assuming call volume from PPC ads follows a similar trend as GMB calls, we can potentially drive greater ROI from simply changing the times or days an ad is showing – and reallocate budget to another high-impact area in your senior living digital marketing strategy.


As with any community marketing efforts, the more data you can collect and glean insight from, the stronger and more successful your campaigns will be. For questions on PPC, senior living engagement strategies, or digital marketing, contact us today.

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