Social Sites, Who Goes Where?

So, are you a female? What age range are you in? How about the amount of your household income? In case you didn’t see the article on CNN, take a look here to see how users of social sites are divided based on age, gender, and household income and to catch the complete article. I thought it interesting that research appears to show that users of LinkedIn, for the most part, are users of Facebook. (I’ve only been on Facebook for about a month now, but have had a LinkedIn profile for about 3 years) Also of interest was that, if you have a heavy interest in music, (like my nephew who’s promoting his music career) you’re more apt to be attracted to MySpace, whereas Facebook is the spot for all those who like to work with different types of applications. Regardless of what social sites you use, I think they’re here to stay and will morph into multiple applications as time goes on. Speaking of time, I hate to admit it, but I’m about to move into the age category that’s not even reflected here, so what’s up with that? I’ll leave that to you to figure out. Happy socializing!
Users with household income above $75,000
Facebook — 41.74 percent
MySpace — 32.38 percent
LinkedIn — 58.35 percent
Twitter — 43.34 percent
Users with household income under $50,000
Facebook — 28.42 percent
MySpace — 37.13 percent
LinkedIn — 17.34 percent
Twitter — 28.36 percent
Female users
Facebook — 56.33 percent
MySpace — 56.69 percent
LinkedIn — 48.11percent
Twitter — 53.59 percent
Users aged 18 to 24
Facebook — 10.27 percent
MySpace — 15.46 percent
LinkedIn — 3.99 percent
Twitter — 9.51percent
Users aged 35 to 49
Facebook — 31.54 percent
MySpace — 29.09 percent
LinkedIn — 43.64 percent
Twitter — 34.02 percent
Source: The Nielsen Co.

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