Self Storage Opportunities & Insights from the Expo at SSA Orlando 2018

It’s been a week since the self storage industry came together to share knowledge at SSA Orlando 2018. And whether your team was attending educational sessions, meetings, roundtable sessions or perused through Selfstorageville, chances are you returned home with a deeper understanding of the industry – and had fun!

Between Wednesday and Thursday last week, Phil Smith and Todd Hall from Linkmedia 360’s self storage digital marketing team spent six hours learning from both established and first-time owners, operators, investors, client partners, and new friends at SSA Orlando 2018 during Exhibiting Hours. And while we learned at SSA’s Spring Conference, we wanted to share insights back with self storage team’s that were unable to attend the conference.

In this post you’ll learn:

  • 4 Self-Storage digital marketing insights that present opportunities for facilities in 2018
  • Where you can find Linkmedia 360 at upcoming SSA Annual Meetings

Insights from SSA’s 2018 Spring Conference

  1. Voice Activated Search Opportunities for Self-Storage Facilities – Self storage digital marketing changes quickly, and the team demonstrated that by speaking up and showing attendees voice activated search results on a Google Home Mini at our booth. The attendees who stopped by were impressed with the Google Quick Answers Box results, rankings, and speed. We highlighted the opportunity for providers to layer voice search into ongoing strategies to capture today’s self-storage customers. There’s a lot of potential to utilize voice activated search for self-storage digital marketing, and with 50% of all searches predicted to be voice search by 2020, it’s a way to get a competitive advantage before the voice search boom hits.
  2. Own Your Data, know Your Data, use Your Data – Facilities that are surpassing occupancy goals are utilizing data to inform their self-storage digital marketing strategy. Owning your data is paramount to collecting the right information to inform your self-storage digital marketing efforts. Knowing what your data is telling you, then using those insights to create better experiences for your customers will help with additional move-ins and a boost in occupancy.
  3. Always test Your site to Maximize Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Opportunities – Self-Storage customers who visit a facilities website are anticipating a transactional experience. Meaning, your self-storage facility’s website must quickly take customers through the process of reserving a unit, paying their bills, calling your staff, etc. Owners are aligned on that priority, wanting sites that make it easy for customers to rent units, with E-Commerce functionality that works and supports conversions. But owners also tend to forget about their website once it’s created. A greater emphasis on testing different conversion elements and re-dedicating efforts to regularly checking website performance will help facilities make the most of this year’s self-storage digital marketing opportunities.
  4. Specialty Units Provide Differentiation, Demand Opportunities – Facilities looking to stay competitive are differentiating from local competitors by converting traditional storage units to specialty storage. This is due to traditional storage proving to be over served in certain markets, as opposed to specialty storage that’s underserved, with the potential to charge premiums to boost profit margins and occupancy potential. This shift makes sense, as facilities can cater to their customers better, while also avoiding price wars with competition. Specialty units are lucrative and serve both commercial and residential customers, creating opportunities to diversify clientele. If you are investing in renovations to convert traditional units to specialty storage or are adding additional inventory, it should be reflected on your website and figure into your digital marketing strategy.

Later, SSA Orlando 2018: Where to find us at NJSSA and INSSA

Did your team miss SSA Orlando 2018 last week? Fear not, for we added two additional state-level annual meetings to our lineup. Find us at both New Jersey SSA and Indiana SSA meetings.

Phil Smith, pictured above while chatting with an attendee at SSA Orlando 2018, is the VP of Sales and a self-storage occupancy consultant. Phil collaborates with owner/operators and the Linkmedia 360 client services team to create customized self-storage digital marketing investments that align business goals with opportunities to drive leads into customers.

Phil will contribute to self-storage digital marketing understanding when he presents at NJSSA next Tuesday, March 27th. You can also find Phil at INSSA on Monday, April 16th. Phil will walk attendees through some of the complexities facing the storage industry, and how those challenges can be solved with a dedicated digital marketing strategy.

Of course, if your team is unable to attend NJSSA or INSSA but has a question for our team, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll do our best to help your team rise to the challenges of 2018.

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