Steps Linkmedia 360 is Taking During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Over the past week, COVID-19 has significantly altered life for millions across the United States and around the world. As COVID-19 remains a continually evolving event, the team at Linkmedia 360 is taking proactive measures to be safe and do our part to contain the spread of the coronavirus. It is imperative for us to remain transparent regarding the steps our organization is taking to ensure the safety and protection of our employees, including ongoing work from home and a meticulously sanitized office environment, for team members who elect work on-site.

As events continue to evolve at a rapid pace, our commitment to delivering excellence and great results to our team members, clients and vendors remains unwavering. Below, we detail the specific ways Linkmedia 360 is accomplishing this critical task with empathy, respect and in accordance to the recommendations of the CDC and with State and Local Governments.

How Linkmedia 360 is Caring for Employees

Linkmedia 360 has been in contact with health experts and made the following adjustments, effective Friday, March 13th:

  • Permitting employees to work from home until Monday, April 6, 2020
  • Restricting all non-essential employee travel
  • Instituting enhanced cleaning measures throughout the office where desks, offices, door handles, knobs, kitchens, counters and common spaces are deep cleaned and sanitized
  • Advising all Linkmedia 360 employees who fall ill to not return to work remotely until completely healthy and symptom-free

What Linkmedia 360 is Reinforcing to Enhance Results for Client Partners

The staff at Linkmedia 360 remain committed to advising client partners during the coronavirus outbreak and have proactively executed the following measures, effective immediately:

  • Crafting POVs specific to each of our focus industries for client partners affected by COVID-19 to best support their business objectives
  • Conducting weekly recurring meetings between subject matter teams to ensure tasks and conversations have crystal clear objectives and deliverables
  • Ensuring all Linkmedia personnel are able to meet with client partners remotely to communicate ongoing activities, execute strategies and report upon results

Pandemic Prevention: How You Can Reach Out with Any Questions

The staff at Linkmedia 360 cares about our staff, client partners and your health and wellbeing. The CDC offers guidelines to reduce the occurrence of coronavirus and minimize its spread. We wish you the best of health and are always available to answer any questions or concerns. Please contact our team and we’ll do our best to help.

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