2 Steps to Leverage the Marie Kondo Downsizing Craze in Self Storage Marketing

As a self storage facility operator you’ve heard of the ‘4 D’s’ of self-storage: Death, Divorce, Dislocation and Downsizing.

In particular, “downsizing” has become the latest craze across America, inspired by the teachings of Marie Kondo.

Are you familiar with the quote – “Keep only those things that speak to your heart. Then take the plunge and discard the rest.”? This is from “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.”

The smash hit on Netflix has impacted the Downsizing ‘D’ listed above with REITs across the country, as noted by Bloomberg.

While owners and operators may be feeling pressure from the downsizing movement, it presents an opportunity to educate storage customers about the important items and heirlooms that are too important to mindfully discard.

In fact, there are steps your self storage marketing team can take to make an impact (and even upsell premium units) during the Marie Kondo craze. Continue reading to learn:

  • A brief background into the KonMari Method, championed by Marie Kondo
  • Two steps self storage marketing teams can leverage to create compelling KonMari Method-friendly content

What is the KonMari Method?

When most of us walk into a cluttered space enough times and finally decide to clean, tidy and purge, we start picking away at items in small increments. One room at a time.

The KonMari Method encourages people to tidy up their lives based on the category of the item. An individual could begin with clothes, then transition to a movie collection, comic books, etc. Eventually, the individual will move onto more sentimental items. If these items don’t speak joy into the person’s heart, the KonMari Method recommends mindfully discarding items and donating them whenever possible.

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So, how can self storage marketing teams leverage this trend sweeping the nation?

Step #1: Help People Tidy up With Helpful Content

Instead of fighting against the current, your facility’s marketing team can find creative ways to engage with your audience – amidst them purging items no longer bringing them joy. To accomplish this, your self storage marketing team could:

  • Create a video series with tidying tips relevant in your local market (providing locations like Goodwill or the Salvation Army where people can mindfully donate items)
  • Post on your social media channels about how people can maximize the space in their storage units
  • Write blog content in a series of posts advocating for a tidy philosophy (with vignettes of actual customers who are bringing joy into their lives by tidying them up)

Point being, facilities can use the Marie Kondo craze to create deeper and more meaningful connections with customers, even during periods of heavy downsizing.

Step #2: While Helping People Tidy up, Educate and Inform Them About Long Term Storage for Irreplaceable Items

While your self storage marketing team is crafting compelling content for your customers, it puts your facility in the ideal place to impart additional wisdom. Some items, while not making one’s heart flutter with joy, still hold tremendous value.

Think of your Great Grandmother’s silverware, china, and photo albums. Or a deceased relative’s immense collection of vinyl records. Antiques, mementos and trinkets. Time and nostalgia are powerful motivators. They remind us of the past and of who we are. If your self storage marketing team can properly weave this narrative into its content, it will be able to speak to the merits of renting units that fetch a higher price tag, such as climate-controlled units.

Preserving these items for posterity and future generations is a vital need for many families. But these families often don’t have the room to properly store them. Advocate for customers to be good stewards of these items by upgrading their storage unit to a unit guaranteed to preserve the memories they hold dear.

Step #3: Visit Our Team at ISS at Booth 1313 Today to Tidy Your Storage Strategy

To impact occupancy levels during industry change, your self storage organization will need to leverage every available competitive insight. Luckily, your self storage marketing team will have the opportunity to meet our team if its attending ISS today and tomorrow.

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Whether your organization needs help leveraging the Mari Kondo craze, wants to learn about data science and A.I., or has a specific question – contact us. Our team will be happy to take the time to learn about your unique challenges and will provide a customized solution to surpass your goals.

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