The First Steps to SEO Success

How many times have you been asked, “what’s our SEO strategy to capture the the top spot on Google?” Or, are you even still struggling to justify a larger investment in SEO yourself?

As you know, developing an SEO strategy and execution plan is not that easy. These days, SEO is truly as important as the investment in — and sustainability of– your overarching brand strategy. Your website is the face of your community and plays a critical role in sales, marketing, recruiting and thought leadership.

So how do you get started with SEO?

Please check out Episode 7 of Fresh Insight from Fresh Faces as we discuss “The First Steps to SEO Success.” This episode will help you prepare for the conversation when asked “what’s our SEO strategy?”

Instead of being forced to dive into the details, in this episode we’re giving you information on the basic requirements before you even get started. What is it and what tools do we need to succeed.


Strategy First

You’ve heard this before, but having a strategy and setting goals is of utmost importance. How will your board know if you’re successful unless you set a goal for the strategy?  In addition, can this goal be accomplished based upon current resource allocation?

Getting Your Data House in Order

Is Google Analytics installed on the website and are we tracking the most important sections and elements? Are we in a position to make good judgement based upon the accuracy of the data?

Deploy a Keyword Tracking Tool

Based upon our strategy, where do we want to win? What’s currently effective and where do we have a competitive advantage in the market? Focusing on quick wins can help you capture more investment into the program.

Next Steps

With a focus on the three areas mentioned above, you’ll be in a much better position to get started with driving your SEO strategy forward.

Please join us next week as we review organic SEO strategies. For a full episode index, please visit our show page Fresh Insights from Fresh Faces.

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