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Mobile phones.  Everywhere you look people have them.  They utilize them for work, at home, or both! It is estimated that in 2014, over half of the U.S. population will own a mobile phone and spend an estimated 2 hours a day on them.  That is why mobile advertising is imperative for your business.  Statistics show that 89% of the time users are on their phone, they are on mobile applications[1].   So what options do you have as a business for mobile advertising? Let’s take a look at a few options that might be of interest to you:



Mobile Targeted Banner

Ever see those banner advertisements when you are on your favorite music or weather app?   That is what a mobile targeted banner is.  It allows you to target people based on their geography. So let’s say you are an automotive store in Dallas. Your banner ad is served to the apps, the user clicks on the banner and then is directed to a landing page for three of your locations that are closest to that specific user.   The landing page includes social media links, promotion carousel (e.g. coupons), a call to action (directions or click to call) and a real time map of the locations.

Enhanced Mobile Targeting:

Want to dive down to deeper? Then enhanced mobile targeting is for you.   Essentially, if your customer’s location services are turned on, this allows the provider to know where they are not only located, but their shopping behavior (what stores the users visited), their lifestyle (are they interested in concerts, movies, outdoor activities, etc.) and their demographics (age, income, etc.). It then serves your banner ad across 3,000 mobile properties such as Pandora, the Weather Channel, MSNBC, and many more!  In this case, however, the banner ad is being served up to someone who you were specifically targeting based on the information you specified. From there, the user is taken to a landing page similar to the mobile targeted banner discussed earlier.


The beautiful thing about Twitter is it’s free. It just takes a little time out of your day to post.  And if you utilize Twitter properly through hashtags it is amazing what Twitter can do for you.  You can post daily specials if you are a restaurant, you can post happy hour specials if you are a bar, or maybe you are having a weekly sale on tires if you are an automotive store. Whatever it is, if used properly, Twitter can be an amazing mobile tool to allow you to promote your business on a daily basis!


Not convinced mobile advertising is right for you? Maybe this will change your mind:


$139 billion was generated on mobile advertising in 2012 and it is estimated that by 2015 it will be well over $400 billion.[2]   


Well…….what are you waiting for?




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