The Importance of Local Listings Management for the Senior Living Industry

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We’ve mentioned before that within the retail banking industry, managing local online listings is vital for several reasons. Managing listings allows control over what information is getting pushed out to online directories, GPS devices and search engine results.  Obviously, for these reasons, local online listing management is just as important to the healthcare industry.

Search engines and internet yellow pages directories populate their data files from information bureaus like Axiom, Localeze, InfoUSA, etc.  Research shows that half of all local listings on online directories have errors within them, leading to issues such as lost revenue, because healthcare organizations can miss out on new patients if they are unable to be discovered online. Incorrect listing information online can also lead to poor customer service issues and staff inefficiencies, with medical personnel wasting their time redirecting phone calls and inquiries from annoyed patients.

Basically, the more phone numbers a patient needs to dial to reach the department or doctor’s office they are trying to get in contact with, the less likely they’ll complete their goal. Plus, this patient may even share their own negative experience with the organization with others via social media or an online review.

There are hundreds of local online directories out there, which can make the local search landscape confusing. Even if you are not familiar with all the local websites, you should be concerned about whether or not your organization’s listings are accurate across the internet. The more detailed and precise your information is, the better chance there is of a patient’s ability to find your community.

The biggest player, of course, is Google. Google allows healthcare organizations to create Google+ Local pages for each of their departments or doctors, with unique locations attached to the same address. This makes it easier to find the doctor or department you’re looking for online. Additionally, Google+ pulls in reviews from a multitude of sites, helping give insight into the quality of care the community is providing.

Some of the other benefits local online listings management offers to the healthcare industry include:

  • Corrects the information currently appearing in the organization’s listings and profile and ensures it will appear accurately on search engine results pages, online directories and GPS devices
  • Any specialists/associations (i.e. pulmonary care) a community may have can be included in their content, as well as included in their categories/keywords
  • The organization can control the accuracy of the community information listed, including name, address and phone number
  • Individual photos can be uploaded for each community, which can help patients find entrances, view any special wings, or in the case of Nursing Homes/Assisted Living Communities, can enable potential residents to view room layouts and amenities.
  • Can add relevant information that may not otherwise appear, like services, hours of operation, brand affiliation, contact email, website URL, any 800 numbers, fax number, languages spoken, etc.
  • Corrects mobile listings and profiles

Don’t let out of date or inaccurate data inconvenience or even turn away potential patients! Organizations within the healthcare industry need to understand the impact that correct local online listings can have on their bottom line. Over half of local searches occur in apps and online directories, so it’s imperative that healthcare Communities properly manage their listings.

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