The Importance of Local Online Listings Management for the Retail Banking Industry

Local Online Listings and Retail Banking


Managing local online listings is vital within the retail banking industry for several reasons.  Managing your branch listings allows you to have control over the information getting pushed out on the internet, whether it is in search engine results, online directories or GPS devices.

Search engines and internet yellow pages directories populate their data files from information bureaus like Axiom, Localeze, InfoUSA, etc.  A significant portion of the information in these databases can be outdated and/or inaccurate.  The types of specific errors found within the retail banking industry include:

  • Missing locations
  • Different/incorrect company names
  • Missing hours of operation
  • Incorrect listings of products or services
  • Missing contact information

One of the examples we’ve come across several times is the instance where there’s been a location that has been closed for several months, yet it is still appearing as a valid location in the online listings results.  Another big issue regarding online listings in the retail banking industry is incorrect phone numbers appearing.  An incorrect phone number can lead to frustration for you and your customers.  After all, you want your customers, especially potential customers, to be able to contact you with questions they may have, and if they are unable to connect with you they may take their business to a different local bank altogether.

Some of the benefits managing local online listings offers to the retail banking industry include:

  • Branches or corporate office can control the accuracy of the information listed, including name, address and phone number
  • Can add relevant information that may not otherwise appear, like products, services, hours of operation, brand affiliation, contact email, website URL, any 800 numbers, fax number, languages spoken, etc
  • Corrects the information currently appearing in the branch listing and profile and ensures it will appear accurately on search engine results pages, online directories and GPS devices
  • Ensures the correct name/brand appears when acquisitions occur
  • Drives ATM transactions and fees
  • Corrects mobile listings and profiles

The more local directories a retail bank submits correct branch listing information to, the more opportunities they will have to get found online. Companies like InfoGroup and Neustar offer online listing management service to help ensure that a retail bank’s business information is updated and accurate across a wide range of websites.  Don’t let out of date or inaccurate data inconvenience your potential customers!


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