“The Secret Sauce to a Successful Search Engine Marketing Campaign” webinar recap

Linkmedia 360 hosted its latest in a series of free informational webinars on Thursday, May 19, 2011 entitled “The Secret Sauce to a Successful Search Engine Marketing Campaign.”   Local Search expert, Mike Ostrom, was the presenter for this very informative webinar.  Mike touched on 9 crucial guidelines in setting up a successful Search Engine Marketing campaign.   Items included having the correct content on your website that matches with your ad copy, understanding the search bidding process, targeting ROI and many others.

Some key take-aways from the webinar are:

  1. Make sure that your Search Engine Marketing campaign is strategically targeted for mobile.
  2. Set up your Search Engine Marketing campaign with conversions in mind!
  3. Be flexible to follow the market when it matches your ROI strategy.
  4. Test, test and test some more. Make sure that you have the proper tight keywords and ad groups for your business or brand.

 Thanks again to Mike Ostrom for showing us all some of the secrets to setting up a successful search campaign! (Try saying that three times fast!)  Mike will be joining us again in July to present the next steps after a search campaign is started. Our next webinar, hosted by Dave Wolf, will be on June 28th. Dave will lead a discussion on online reputation management.  Keep an eye out in the next month for more information and an invitation!

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