Avoid paralysis by analysis in Senior Living: 4 fresh tips

Ever feel overwhelmed by information online? You aren’t the only one. As a team member at a senior living community, you have a lot in common with your prospective residents. You’re both searching online for the tools necessary to make informed decisions. This week’s FiFF delves into the information gathering process and provides perspectives from both sides of the divide.

Our guest this week is Nate O’Keefe from Roobrik. He leads the conversation on how to evaluate tools to assist a potential resident when a health emergency or crisis does occur. Nate and his team conducted rigorous research and polled both the senior and their families. Their shared insights might surprise you:

  • 63% of respondents feel that senior living might be the right option for them
  • 77% of seniors are ready or somewhat ready for change
  • 50% of seniors noted they’re concerned about loneliness and isolation
  • 77% of seniors felt that being social was important to them

On one hand, the misconceptions/stigmas regarding senior living seem to be waning. But for so many, senior living is still a “black box”. While your sales and marketing teams know that’s not the case, the inner fears of the resident are real.

Sales and marketing team’s experience this same confusing process when making determinations on both technology, and tools to enable community growth.

Here are the top 4 criteria for choosing the best tool or tech for your senior living community:

  1. Do I understand what I’m buying? Does it make sense for me?– Lots of companies are pitching lots of products. Finding the right solution is tougher now than ever. Some communities look for “shiny and new” objects for quick wins that aren’t necessarily driving value (remember us mentioning not to chase Snapchat filters?)
  2. Can we integrate it today and will it work in our environment? Very practical for communities. Will our organization use a given product/service? You don’t want to make an investment and have no one on your team adopt it. Your organization will have to accept certain realities and make future determinations if an investment isn’t fully utilized
  3. Does it reflect our values as an organization? Does it make us feel like our ‘best selves’? Will it build trust? Will it feel like us? Most people have an intrinsic understanding of this, so lean on your team’s instincts. As technology continues to evolve, so do our opportunities. We need to ask ourselves “gut check” questions: does this technology feel creepy to me? There’s a line between what’s expected by customers and what’s intrusive. If your organization is close to blurring that line it needs to ask itself if the solution matches the values of the organization
  4. Can I measure its impact and ROI? Will I get the data I need to know if it’s moving the right bars and how? Can I compare between other programs and tactics? Is there a context to the solution? Or is the solution so isolated you can’t trace its effectiveness

In addition to providing insights on the above, Nate also addresses the following questions within the FiFF episode:

  • Is data understanding as a challenge to communities?
  • Are consumers (seniors, ACI’s) well-enough informed to make the decision on a community? Do they understand their options?
  • How do we make engagement easier? How can we help?

Check out the video and join the conversation. Are the issues Nate and the Fiff team discussed plaguing your community?

For guidance in the often-confusing healthcare information gathering process, visit Nate O’Keefe at Roobrik.com. For all other questions or comments, reach out to the Linkmedia 360 Fresh Insights from Fresh Faces team and contact us.

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