The Value of a Strategic Content Program for Self-Storage Facilities

What do your favorite newspaper or magazine, musician, and even politician have in common? They produce content on a regular basis that compels you.

Now, thinking in terms of your self-storage facility, it might be difficult to connect ideal business results – 100% occupancy with premium rates – with educational and informative content. Reaching your ideal customer with the right content can help your facility achieve its desired business goals. How?

When executed with the right strategy, content marketing builds trust with prospective renters while establishing your facility as the solution to their problem. Consider this: According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing efforts, and costs 62% less. See? It pays to be strategic with content and educational/informative in your approach.

In this post, your self-storage marketing and executive team will be steps closer to recognizing your online customers intent, and prioritizing efforts into what will help your immediate occupancy goals. You’ll learn:

  • Two tips your self-storage facility can use for its content marketing strategy to help it recognize and reach the right customers at the right time

Want Compelling Content? 2 Tips to Sharpen Your Content Marketing Strategy

1.) Create Buyer Personas and Structure Your Content Marketing Strategy Around Their Interests – The most effective way to create personas that are authentic to your customers is to compile your Google Analytics data and combine it with the information your facility manager provides. A survey can also be helpful to acquire data and information about your customers preferences. Connecting with existing customers also helps to build the profile of your ideal customer.

Here are several benefits to creating and using buyer personas:

  • Your self-storage marketing team will gain an understanding of your customers needs, motivations, and pain points, which leads to more personalized, resonant, and targeted messages
  • Insight into what channels your customers prefer
  • Increased conversions from interested customers
  • Drive higher quality leads

Once your team has gotten together and created several personas, they’ll need to continually return to them – and the data your facility is using – about twice a year. That persona creation will help your content marketing strategy stay focused on your customers needs and priorities.

2.) Use Your Buyer Persona Data and Take it a Step Further by Marketing to the Self-Storage Customer Journey – Now that your self-storage marketing team has a fully built out archetype of your ideal customers personified, it can follow them along on their journey into becoming a customer. The customer journey details the following:

  • The visual representation of your self-storage customers from first touchpoint to lease
  • The experiences your customers are having as they’re in awareness to discovery and research phases to decision, and type of content they need to answer their questions in those stages
  • What channels your self-storage marketing team encounters your customers throughout the customer journey (referral, SEO, social media posts, paid ad)

When your storage facility details its customer journey across the organization, it will help create seamless interactions with your customers, while helping your organization meet its occupancy and business goals.

Is Your Self-Storage Content Seen by the Right Customers at the Right Time?

Aligning the quantitative data to compile a personification of your ideal customer in an authentic way takes time and a dedicated focus. Luckily, our team has experience in that area and is happy to help. Feel free to contact us with your questions and we’ll help your self-storage content get strategic to prove out its value.

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