The Value of Social Media for Self-Storage Facilities

You’re a busy, stressed owner/operator, we get it. You may not care about the likes, comments, or shares during the busiest time of the year, but your prospective customers do. Or at least, self-storage facilities that lead their respective markets do. They are consistently marketing in social networks to help them achieve occupancy and additional goals.

Granted, the car drives itself during the summer months, and many self-storage marketers understand that, while modifying the intensity and budget of social media campaigns during the busiest time of year.

Consider this: According to Pew Research, back in 2005, social media adoption rates with adults were a mere 5%. Now in 2018, adoption rates with adults have risen to 69%. See the value yet?

Today, we’re shifting our focus on self-storage marketing to marketing in social networks to help your facility with its occupancy and revenue goals.

In this post you’ll learn:

  • Three ways marketing in social networks provides value to self-storage marketing

Social Media Benefit #1: Social Media Acts as an Additional Publishing Platform

Want to give the quality content your self-storage facility creates additional opportunities to be read and interacted with? Then you can’t go wrong with sharing it on social channels. Using your social channels as an extra publishing platform increases the reach of your content, while keeping your initial investment intact. The value here is that for no additional cost, your facility has increased the odds its content will be interacted with by a prospective customer.

Self-storage teams that consistently use social networks as publishing platforms and aren’t “seeing the value” with increased interaction should consider paid amplification. Boosting posts and paid amplification offers granular demographic targeting options for a relatively low cost compared to other paid channels. Paid amplification also ensures that your audience will see more of your posts/content, and nurtures conversions that create ROI.

Keep in mind, whether your self-storage marketing team is sharing your content on social or boosting posts, your brand will need to adhere to the communication style and specific audience preferences on each social platform. Again, this gives your facility the opportunity to engage with unique subsets of customers, depending on the network.

Social Media Benefit #2: Social Channels Carry Strong Local Ranking Signals

On social media, people tend to be forthcoming and honest compared to interactions with search engines. Granted, one platform is created to be social, after all. Self-storage customers will post pictures, recommendations, reviews, and will interact with your brand in ways other channels can’t duplicate. Your self-storage marketing team can capitalize on this. Search Engine Land provides an apt comparison.

Google+ has roughly 4-6 million active monthly users, compared to Facebook, which has 2 billion active monthly users. Usage numbers aside, it’s easy to see the value marketing in social networks provides, regardless of the where your facility resides.

75% of self-storage customers live or work within a 2-mile radius of any given facility, the advantage to leverage this traffic to your facilities benefit is there. Where is the real value placed, according to Search Engine Land? Trust.

While users tend to trust the relevance and result of a local search, people still trust recommendations by close friends or family members above search engines. In Nielsen’s 2015 Global Trust in Advertising study, they discovered that 82% of people surveyed trusted recommendations from people they know compared to 61% of people who trusted information on branded websites.

Social Media Benefit #3: Close More Deals With Messenger and Chat Features

The active, local and mobile self-storage customer will communicate with specific questions regarding pricing, availability, offers/promotions and more. Would your self-storage marketing team have those leads and real-time conversations without a social media presence? Probably not. There is a caveat to this advantage. Your facility will need to hand the reins of its social media strategy to an internal resource that has the time to reply to inquiries and post on behalf of your facility. This individual should be a built-in expert on your specific location, so a facility manager could be an option to explore.

Outside the marketing in social network strategy, your facility could utilize a chatbot or automated resource that replies to potential customers and refers them to the right place if its stumped.

Get Social With Your Self-Storage Marketing in 2018

After reading this, we hope you see the value in social media for self-storage. If your team still isn’t a believer and needs examples, success stories, or case studies, contact our team. We’ll do our best to help and will provide the most actionable recommendations to aid your marketing in social networks.

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