3 Occupancy-Related Reasons for a Website Maintenance Budget in Senior Living

If there’s a pothole in your community’s parking lot, it’s addressed in a timely fashion. Your maintenance staff always springs into action to fix any problems.

What about maintaining the necessary plugins and updates on your website?

Like the buildings on your property, your community’s website requires ongoing maintenance. Neglecting your website and applying a “set it and forget it” mentality leads to lost inquiries, lost calls and lost tours – which ultimately impacts occupancy levels. In this post, you’ll learn:

  • Three reasons your senior living marketing team should maintain its website regularly

Reason #1 for Website Updates: Design and User-Experience (UX) are Constantly Changing

When the web was in its infancy, website visitors were ‘wowed’ by flash animations. Your website visitor of 2019 is more sophisticated. Prospective residents are digitally savvy, to the point we’ve dubbed them digitally savvy seniors. Their expectations include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Educational, informative and helpful content
  • Accurate and up-to-date business information
  • Fast page loading speed
  • Mobile responsivity (and having a website seamlessly appear regardless of the device used)
  • A site structure that’s intuitive and easy to navigate

While none of the expectation’s prospective residents and ACIs have for your community’s digital presence should shock your senior living marketing team, it points to how often websites need updated and maintained to provide a positive experience for site traffic.

Website UX leads to online conversions. Without an optimized website that leads visitors along the path to a conversion, your site traffic will simply click to another website to address their concerns and convert.

Reason #2 for Website Updates: Real-Time Changes in Technology

The need to improve the consumer experience has given way to constant innovations in tech, which inevitably impacts websites on a regular basis. Your senior living marketing team may be familiar with WordPress 5.0. and the updated editor, Gutenberg.

Gutenberg ultimately gives your team more control over its content in WordPress, making this update important to become familiarized with. Communities that are leveraging advancements in technology and applying it to their websites stay up-to-date, nurture leads, and impact occupancy levels on a consistent basis.

Reason #3 for Website Updates: Your Website is THE Prospective Resident’s First Impression of Your Community

Perception is reality for prospective residents who are becoming familiar with your community. Keep their perception within your community’s control by maintaining a sound technical foundation, providing helpful content, building links from authoritative websites, and converting site traffic into a tour.

Consistently updating your website requires tactical execution from your senior living marketing team. But this care and attention produces measurable results that can make a clear case for why your website should be the center of your communications strategy in 2019.

Learn Where Maintenance is Needed and Contact Our Team for a Website Audit

Regular website maintenance is only going to become more critical to surpassing occupancy goals. Contact our team, and we’ll execute a strategy to help your website accomplish your goals.

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