Tips for Handling Objections

No matter what business you’re in, and even in personal situations, we all face objections. Perhaps you have a particular spot in mind for the family vacation, but the family, objects. Or that special restaurant you enjoy so much for dinner, isn’t so special to them. Then, there’s always those moments in the sales process when we hit objections. Objections are just temporary roadblocks where someone is saying, “Hey, show me and explain how your solution/idea solves my problems and give me a reason (s) to move forward with your offer ”.

I sat in on a webinar done by Kelley Robertson recently on this very topic which was extremely helpful. Kelley gave attendees his seven “key secrets” for overcoming objections.

He talked about how, by doing your research, asking the right questions and showing how your idea, product or solution solves the person’s issue can place you on the road to resolving objections you’re faced with. I think we all have the desire to be successful in dealing with people and handling obstacles that present themselves but we need to realize that obstacles don’t have to have a negative connotation. When handled in the right way, they can open a door to opportunities for success!

Kelley has a blog and company website with tons of great resources and ideas. This material would be helpful to anyone so check him out! As an added benefit to my being on the call, Kelley extended a special offering to attendees with 50% off his ebooks and audio programs. I’d better check those out as the special offer ends tomorrow! Remember, objections are opportunities!

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