Tips for Researching Local Event Content for a Blog

Writing and blogging about local events can help your business be seen as being connected to the community as well as a go-to source for local events in the area. Local events blog posts could include topics about local destination points or tourist attractions in the area, special events that businesses are invited to, unique happenings such as blockbuster movies being filmed in the city, holiday activities, sports teams, local charities that a business works with and more. The sky is the limit with the type of content you can write and post on your company’s blog.

Even if your local blog post does not focus on a product that your company sells, it actually draws readers when they are searching for local information. Your company can be seen as being trustworthy for offering helpful information, which can lead potential customers to read other information on your website. So how do you find local topics and background material for your post? Follow our tips below.

Researching Local Events

There are as many ways to search for local content information as there are topics. A good place to start looking for local event information is the local newspaper’s website, the city’s visitor or tourist board, or the local chamber of commerce. From there, you can find specific information about the event, destination or organization.

Another way to find local event information is to perform a search engine “intitle” operator to find specific searches that you want to write about (simply type intitle “keyword” in your search bar). Content with that keyword included in the page title will show up, which can be a great source for information as well for keyword research.

Research is key when writing about local events for a blog post. The information should be relevant, timely and informative. When writing the blog post, include both internal links (links back to other pages on your blog or website) and external links (outside reference links) in the blog post. Create a content editorial calendar that outlines upcoming events, so you know what event you should focus on for at least a few months ahead of time.

Using Keywords to Create Local Events Blog Posts

Before you start writing your blog post, you need to do keyword research. Keywords are searchable words that you will want to work into the content of your blog. Any word or phrase can be a keyword, such as “senior living in Cleveland” or “holiday toy drives in Boston.” Keywords can be tracked to see if they are driving traffic to your blog. Two keyword tools to leverage for your posts include the Google Keyword Planner and Search Console:

Keyword Planner

Google’s Keyword Planner is a great tool to find keywords based on search volume, or how many people are searching for a particular topic. Enter the keyword or keyword phrase that you are searching for in the tool (such as “toy drives”). To narrow the search, select a targeting geography, such as Cleveland, Ohio. Doing so will give you direct targeted keywords to how people are searching for a topic in that area. Keyword Planner will also give more keyword suggestions based on the search in the Ad Groups tab (for example, “holiday toy drives” or “toy drives for kids”). This is very helpful for finding similar keywords that can be used based off the original search. The tool also allows you to see the trend for the keyword usage over time. The popularity of certain event keywords will vary depending on the time of year for the event.

Google Search Console

Other tools to find trending keywords for local events include Google’s Search Console. This will allow you to see what keywords people are using when searching on your website. You can find the number of clicks, impressions and search ranking position of specific keywords for your website, which will help you find the keywords that can be used for your content. The more detailed research you perform via tools such as Keyword Planner or Search Console will enhance your content by highlighting the keywords that people are actually searching for on a topic.

Writing Your Local Event Blog Post

Writing about local events mixed into company relevant information for a blog is a terrific way to create a niche for your business as a source for local event information. It could draw more readers to your blog and help increase overall views to your website.

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