Channeling Tragedy into Transformation: 2 Tips to Creating Compelling Content

The holidays are an opportunity for us to bridge the gap between who we are and who we want to be. As an owner of an addiction treatment center, you’re cognizant of the fact that the holidays can mean something different to struggling addicts.

Additional stress, anxiety, and temptation to relapse are real threats. This dour situation presents a prime opportunity for your addiction treatment center. Through its content, your rehab can be a source of comfort and trusted resource addicts turn to during their search for answers.

To assist your treatment center, we’ve compiled helpful tips. Your rehab marketing team will learn:

  • Two tips your rehab marketing team can implement to create compelling content that helps struggling addicts around the holidays seek treatment with your center

Tip #1: Prioritize Top-of-funnel and Middle-of-funnel Content Topics

So, what are top-of-funnel and middle-of-funnel content? As a refresher, top-of-funnel, or ToFu content is crafted for site visitors who are first learning about your addiction treatment center’s levels of care. Typically, your site visitors in the ToFu stage are in an information-gathering mode; trying to learn as much as possible. They’re seeking answers to their questions, which presents an opportunity for your rehab to position itself as a helpful, trustworthy, ethical partner committed to recovery.

ToFu content often takes the form of written articles on your blog. These blog posts cover a gamut of topics relevant to struggling addicts or concerned loved ones and aims to inform and educate to foster a deeper connection with visitors while nurturing their trust through the rest of the recovery journey. Therefore, ToFu content typically doesn’t contain heavy-handed promotional or sales messages.

The key to creating compelling content for ToFu site visitor’s around the holiday’s relies on tying in everyday experiences and common situations to the holiday season. Potential ToFu holiday topics include:

  • Top 5 Techniques to stay sober during holiday get togethers
  • 3 Delicious non-alcoholic alternatives to bring to New Year’s Party’s
  • Holiday Blues? Ways to Cope with Stress this Holiday Season

Middle-of-funnel, or MoFu content, is intended for website visitors who have become familiar with your treatment center. At this stage in the recovery journey, your visitors have returned to your site multiple times to learn and have their pressing questions and concerns answered.

MoFu content takes your content marketing efforts to the next logical step, continuing to build trust and nurture site visitors. MoFu content adds context around your center’s specific treatment philosophy and programs and begins to craft a more brand-centric conversation, while still educating and providing thought leadership.

Topics that engage your MoFu site traffic around the holiday’s includes:

  • 10 Ways to Prevent a Relapse on X substance
  • Download Our Latest Whitepaper: The Holiday Survival Guide
  • 8 Lies you might be Telling Yourself About Your Loved One’s Addiction During the Holiday’s

Tip #2: Make it Personal: Add Personalization Elements to Content

Top Rank Marketing’s blog predicted personalization, or the creation of personalized experiences, in the second spot in its list of content marketing trends and predictions for 2019. With the rapid rate that content is being read, consumed, and acted-on our team would also urge rehab marketing managers and owners to create content with personalized narratives and thoughtful discussions. By getting personal with your site’s audience, your team will build an authentic rapport with visitors, and hopefully will help more of those in need. During the holidays, the storytelling in your content marketing can take center stage. Anecdotes of relapse and recovery can create a shared sense of empathy, authentically speaking to the experiences your prospective intakes are having.

Use testimonials, case studies, infographics, and success stories to add personalized elements when creating compelling content around the holidays.

Need Additional Ideas when Creating Compelling Content this Holiday Season?

While the holidays present challenges for those struggling with addiction or relapse, there’s also a challenge to engage with these individuals when they click to a website from the rehab marketing standpoint. Our team has helped addiction treatment centers engage and build the necessary trust and rapport through a holistic and helpful content marketing strategy. Call us at 1.877.843.1091 to set up a quick conversation. Our team will help your rehab provide an online experience that translates into admissions calls and completed goals.

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