How to Find a New Job in Senior Living Marketing in 2018

If you’re looking for a new job in senior living marketing, the search can span weeks, months or longer. Perhaps no one understands how time-consuming and frustrating the hiring process is than Brad Wachter, from Senior Living Recruiters.

Brad served as a Regional Director in senior living and has firsthand experience with the difficulties faced with hiring qualified and motivated practitioners before he founded Senior Living Recruiters ten years ago.

Brad sees a bulk of opportunities for senior living marketers in the following areas:

  • Sales/Marketing
  • Operations
  • Healthcare

Within these fields, it’s important to note that providers aren’t just looking to find an individual to replace someone who’s recently vacated a position. While that’s a typical hiring circumstance in any space, there are additional unique challenges pertaining to senior living. As communities enter a construction phase to build and expand locations to new areas, a priority becomes hiring an experienced staff to set that new location up for success and begin creating ROI opportunities immediately to recoup a substantial development investment.

Little Room for Newbies – Senior Living Hiring and Recruiting in 2018

Unfortunately, given the granular focus within senior living, it can be tough for outsiders to break into key positions. Having experience is just one metric recruiters like Brad seek. Industry experience coupled with success stories bolsters the requisite experience needed and is the preferred route for those tasked with senior living hiring. This need trickles down from corporate and influences the recommendations recruiters will inevitably make.

For example, if you’re a director of marketing for a community and are seeking an opportunity with another senior living organization, articulate these wins to a recruiter:

  • Average number of move-ins during her/his tenure
  • How high the occupancy was during his/her tenure
  • What activities the individual performed to impact occupancy

What’s in a New Hire? The Qualities Providers Are Seeking in 2018

As we previously stated, track records are important, and will follow you into your next senior living venture. But, depending on the organization, intrinsic qualities and strengths also factor into the hiring decision. Here are a few:

  • Driving team performance (for directors with several staff members)
  • The length of time a director maintained high occupancy levels or maintained a waiting list
  • The ability to “sell blue sky” and paint a vision for what a community will become during the construction process

Regardless of the external wins and intrinsic qualities both recruiters and organizations alike seek in applicants, one common theme across the hiring field in senior living is the risk-averse strategy to hire applicants who have handled similar responsibilities.

To that effect, it would be unlikely to see a marketing director who was previously responsible with executing strategy for 30 communities suddenly responsible for 150 locations (though that scenario happens from time to time).

Do Senior Living Communities Want New Hires Who Are Process-Driven, Creative, or Both?

You know how it is, senior living marketers – wearing so many hats in our respective role. Of course, communities are looking for both qualities within the same candidate. Organizations that insist on measurement metrics to track performance need process-driven hires who can correlate:

  • Leads to visits
  • Tours to move-ins

Conversely, creativity isn’t mass produced, and senior living marketing teams can gain a strategic advantage over competition for having a well-rounded, action-inducing creative message that’s cohesive across multiple advertising channels. For those new hires, the following creative qualities are crucial:

  • Differentiating your community with emerging opportunities like home visits
  • VIP tours
  • Events that senior living marketers plan

Today’s multi-faceted senior living marketer needs to have a blend of both process-oriented insight with a strong handle on creative and resonant messaging.

Want to Know The Additional ‘Must Have’ Senior Living Marketing Qualities? Tune Into the Latest FIFF

What was common even five years ago may have changed, depending on the role you’re applying for. It’s scary, sure, but it’s also an opportunity for applicants across the space. The modern senior living practitioner needs a diverse toolbox of skills from which to draw from.

In case this information is making the senior living career process more daunting, don’t let it. Brad just launched an exciting new coaching and training program called ‘Getting to Regional’. This 12-week coaching and training program will prepare you for the role you’re seeking, but might not be qualified for yet. Schedule a 20-minute strategy call with Brad himself here to learn more.

Brad addresses the dichotomy of interlinking skills that are necessary for the successful senior living practitioner of 2018 and beyond. Here’s what else is covered in this episode of Fresh Insights from Fresh Faces:

  • The technology requirements the senior living industry expects of new hires
  • How outsiders to senior living can break into the industry (the steps one can take and applicable industries with transferable skillsets for senior living)
  • The recommendations for recruiting “active” and “passive” career candidates
  • The ways a resume can get lost in the shuffle with a senior living organization
  • The process recruiters go through to vet for senior living careers
  • The tools recruiters and companies are using to scout top senior living talent
  • A common-sense approach for senior living practitioners to keep in mind when recruiting talent

We hope your team finds hiring for senior living careers to be a breeze and not the bane of your existence. If it becomes that way, you can contact Brad on his site at Senior Living Recruiters. For any questions regarding senior living marketing, feel free to contact our team. Here’s to your community hiring wisely to meet and surpass your goals.

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