Six Tips to Improve Your Company’s Google My Business Description

For many organizations, the secret to appearing in local searches that lead to brand interactions is through a claimed, verified, optimized and professional Google My Business (GMB) profile.

Chances are, when you’re conducting a local search, you’re using Google. Consider the breakdown of search engine market share below, courtesy of SparkToro.

With over 90% of the web’s search volume, Google is nothing short of the preferred search engine, both globally and locally. Couple that with the fact that 30% of all searches have local intent means that appearing in localized search results on Google is vital.

Additionally, a whopping 82% of smartphone owners conduct “near me” searches. Meaning, local seo optimizations for the mobile-first era are key to appearing favorably in Google results.

Given the statistics above, this makes a compelling GMB description a greater priority to competing and winning in the local search space than you may have known.

But what is a Google My Business description? Additionally, what efforts can my business take to improve its description?

We aim to answer both questions. Continue reading to learn:

  • A definition of a Google My Business (GMB) description
  • Six tips to improve your Google My Business descriptions

What is a Google My Business Description?

Your Google My Business description is a 750-character summary of your business or organizations offerings. Equate it to an “elevator pitch” for anyone who may be unfamiliar with your organization. Aside from staying high level and getting in and getting out with a succinct description, there are additional local seo optimizations your company can implement to entice traffic that finds your listing on Google.

GMB Description Tip #1: Don’t Include Your URL in Your Description

With only 750 characters to get your message across to potential customers, a URL takes up precious space that could otherwise be used to describe your business. Instead, use the space Google provides to succinctly describe what your business does while providing an overview of product/service offerings.

GMB Description Tip #2: Don’t be Spammy

While beginning with a sales pitch in a GMB description may sound appealing, try to have your team refrain acting on this reflex. Your business can utilize all 750 characters without coming across as spammy to prospective customers.

Consider adding the following elements into your Google My Business description for a robust, descriptive, and non-spammy way to engage with local traffic:

  • The city where your business is located
  • The county where your location resides
  • Local references (located near “X” historic landmark, just a short drive from “Y” landmark, etc.)

Write for who your business has identified as its target demographic and serve the most vital and relevant information to them in your GMB description.

GMB Description Tip #3: Speak to how Long You’ve Been in Business

There’s a lot to be said for weathering the sands of time in competitive industries. Speaking to your organization’s history is a non-spammy way to articulate efficacy and success without overtly stating it. People tend to trust and respect organization’s that have stood the test of time and including that detail in a Google My Business description may be the catalyst that leads to a worthwhile interaction.

GMB Description Tip #4: Speak to the Services Your Organization Offers

In the effort of maximizing the small runway 750 characters provides, your business should speak to the services it offers. Again, this is not meant to sell your services. Rather, this helpful information will help customers determine if your business is the right fit for their needs.

GMB Description Tip #5: Write a Customized Description for Each of Your Locations

Your local customers won’t appreciate a copy/paste approach for every location’s GMB description. Chances are, it will be perceived as distant, corporate, and impersonal to local customers. Taking the extra time to customize each location’s GMB description may be time consuming, but your local customers at each distinct location will appreciate the effort. That appreciation will culminate in additional interactions with your brand that ladders up to additional sales opportunities.

GMB Description Tip #6: Use Keywords Your Organization Wants to be Known for

If your business is an artisan pizza shop and your GMB business description fails to mention ancillary, but related keywords like ‘crafted with care’, ‘hand-crafted’ and ‘customized recipes’ there could be an opportunity for improvement.

In the same token, using the previous scenario as an example, reusing the keyword artisan isn’t spammy, if that is an authentic statement that you want to get across to customers. Err on the side of caution so your business doesn’t plaster the same keyword into every other word and “keyword stuff” your GMB description.

There’s a finite balance between using a keyword a couple times and inserting it everywhere without purpose. Use your best discretion and make sure that you mindfully weave your main keywords into your GMB description while also having it read naturally and organically.

Want Additional Tips to Improve Your GMB Description? Contact Our Team

Aside from the GMB description tips provided above, there are numerous local seo optimizations that your company can take to increase visibility and engagement with the customers who will help you surpass organizational goals. Contact us and our team of local seo experts can help your company maximize the 750-character count in its Google My Business description, regardless of the number of locations and win in the competitive local search ecosystem.

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