What Are Google Posts and 4 Tips to Utilize Them

A claimed, verified and optimized Google My Business (GMB) profile is a prominent ranking factor in local seo and substantially improves visibility potential.

But, is your company utilizing all the features that your GMB profile provides, such as Google Posts contained within your GMB Knowledge Panel? When it comes to Google Posts, only a small percentage of businesses are leveraging this free SERP exposure.

According to Blumenthals, only 17% of businesses in the U.S. have ever created a Google Post before.

For businesses in highly competitive and saturated locations, Google Posts can be a great way to obtain visibility when local searches occur.

If your organization’s marketing team sees the opportunity that Google Posts provides but is still scratching its head at what Google Posts are exactly, continue reading. We’re breaking down the “what” of Google Posts to help teams make the most of them for a competitive advantage. You’ll learn:

  • A definition of Google Posts
  • Four tips to help your organization utilize Google Posts

What Are Google Posts?

Though Google hasn’t officially named them Google Posts (the original page refers to them as “Posts by Google”) industry practitioners have dubbed them Google Posts since its launch in 2016.

Google Posts are a feature within GMB that gives businesses the opportunity to promote a product, service, event or upcoming offer. Google Posts can contain a combination of text, images and a call-to-action (CTA) to encourage a conversion of interaction with your brand. These posts can also then be shared to the respective social media channels your organization has a presence.

Tip #1 for More Effective Google Posts: Use Keywords

Though Google Posts allow organizations the ability to incorporate text, images, and CTAs to spark an interaction or conversion, your marketing team will still need to ensure that the targeted keyword related to the event, offer, or content you’re promoting finds its way into the copy in your Google Posts.

Look for opportunities to use your targeted keyword but be mindful of the readability of the copy. Your Google Post won’t be effective if its keyword stuffed. Two keyword mentions may adequately serve the purpose of your Google Post.

Tip #2 for More Effective Google Posts: Keep Your Post Under 200 Characters

Apply a similar mentality like you did when writing your GMB Business description. Keep character count concise. Your primary audience reading Google Posts will scroll through results and look at information at-a-glance. Keep that user behavior in mind and only speak to essential information.

Also, Google Posts become truncated after roughly 100 characters, so your audience might not see part of the information contained within. Due to some of the characters being truncated, make sure your keywords and most pertinent CTAs are front-loaded into your Google Post.

Tip #3 for More Effective Google Posts: Copy/Paste Your H1 for Google Posts Promoting Content

Google Posts provide a free way for your organization to promote newly minted pieces of content. In the same token, your company doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel to promote new content offerings with Google Posts. Since it’s already done the due diligence of writing a succinct H1 for published content, it can copy and paste that into its Google Post.

Tip #4 for More Effective Google Posts: Add a UTM Tracking Code to Your Google Posts

Google Posts are ephemeral by nature. Though they disappear after seven days, Google Posts can still yield insights that your marketing team can use to improve subsequent posts. The clicks, impressions and calls can be tracked in Google Analytics after a unique tracking code is created.

Have your director of marketing set up a UTM tracking code, so your company can gain additional insight into which Google Posts are performing for your company. The insights from that data can be used to improve future Google Posts.

Contact Our Team to Improve Your Google Posts

It’s apparent an opportunity exists to gain a local seo advantage by regularly creating and sharing Google Posts. This effort culminates in visibility your competition is unlikely to receive unless it rolls up its sleeves and puts in the time and energy to create a unique Google Post for each piece of content, event, etc.

Google Posts are becoming increasingly important in gaining a competitive advantage in the local search ecosystem. For example, Google Posts can now highlight customer reviews and testimonials, making them essential to an optimized GMB Knowledge Panel.

If your organization sees the strategic value from Google Posts and wants to gain a competitive advantage, contact us. Our team of local seo experts will help your organization become visible and findable to the customers that will help you reach your goals.

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