3 Tips to Improve Your Senior Living Community’s Marketing Plan for Events

Events are fun, but pulling off a successful, well-attended event is anything but easy. Months of meticulous and strategic planning are required.

To help your senior living marketing team assist the success of your community’s events this year, we’ve compiled some trusted tips. Continue reading to learn:

  • Three tips to include in your community’s marketing plan for events this year

Tip #1: Create Dedicated Landing Pages Prior to Your Event

Is the event a summer barbeque/open house? Is it your annual gala?

As a rule of thumb, look to have your event landing page launch at least two months before your event. Even if your community isn’t promoting this page yet, Google’s and other search engine crawlers and spiders need time to index your event landing page. That way, it can be discovered by all potential attendees searching for details.

Look to have your event landing page address the following details:

  • The date/time of the event
  • Applicable pictures (source pictures from the previous year’s event if applicable)
  • A visible phone number to your community and/or email address so people can reach out for additional details
  • A prominent and clickable CTA (call-to-action) to convert landing page traffic into an RSVP or attendee

After your landing page has successfully converted site traffic, your senior living marketing team can keep in touch with its RSVP’s via email until the event. Only email attendees/RSVP’s reminders or essential updates. Anything more could annoy email prospects, causing them to skip your event.

Tip #2: Include the URL to Your Event Landing Page on Direct Mail Pieces

To support the success of your marketing plan for events, include the URL of your landing page on direct mail collateral. Direct mail is intended to create awareness prior to your event. Look to have your senior living marketing team strategically target zip codes to reach the attendees your community covets.

Direct mail is expensive and including the URL to your event landing page will get additional mileage out of your traditional and digital assets. Beyond communicating a cohesive message to event attendees, linking landing pages with direct mail helps your senior living marketing team attribute which channel is driving the most awareness for your event.

Tip #3: Implement Call Tracking

Your community should use call tracking in its marketing plan for events. Why? Call tracking provides attribution to the channel(s) driving inquiries and informs marketing budget allocation.
With call tracking, your team will have insight into the value each channel contributes toward the success (or failure) of your events. Recognizing cost-effective channels providing “quick wins” for your community is just one of many advantages of call tracking.

Note: if your senior living marketing team doesn’t have a separate phone number for each respective channel in your event marketing plan, it will be difficult to isolate the specific channel driving the call. Once your team has this covered, it should feel confident about the level of attribution applied to each channel.

Events That Are a Must Shouldn’t be a Bust. Contact Our Team for Help

Your community is bound to organize numerous events this year, and we hope the tips above are helpful. If your senior living marketing team has additional questions or wants to discuss any of the tips in greater detail, we’ll be happy to help.

Contact our team, and we’ll walk your community through the various ways we help our provider partners plan, strategize and execute successful events.

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