Senior Living Marketer’s: Think Local Search Is Just Google? Think Again.

If the web is like the wild west, then to many, Google‘s considered the lone saloon in town. Senior living marketers might be surprised to learn that Google is but one of many players in the local search ecosystem.

In fact, there are over 300 directories that impact your senior living community’s local visibility.

This week, Phil walks us through the complexities of the local search ecosystem and provides tips for senior living marketers looking to harness the potent power of local search for their communities.

Syndicators, Aggregators, Directories – Oh My! A Local Search Breakdown

That’s not to say an optimized, claimed, and verified Google My Business page isn’t important for your senior living community’s local visibility. It certainly is, especially concerning the Google Maps portion of the SERP (which is after the paid portion on the search engine results page).

Outside your community’s Google My Business page Google expects your senior living community to have its name, address, and phone number consistent and accurate across the 300 directories in the local search ecosystem.

So, what exactly does a search engine like Google deem to be an inconsistency? It’s as simple as misspelling a street name or having an inconsistent abbreviation.

Meaning, if your community prefers the spelling of XYZ Street, and in several directories, it’s listed as XYZ St., your community would be penalized.

How Does my Community Fix Inconsistencies When I Have Hundreds of Locations?

It would be next to impossible to expect your senior living marketing team to manually correct inaccuracies or inconsistencies with over 300 directories for ALL locations, especially for multi-location, multi-state senior living providers.

Want to add yet another wrinkle into local?

Depending on the site that’s pulling your listing, it may prefer its own inaccurate “source of truth” to the correct, manually-cited listing your team spent time fixing. That’s why it’s important to invest in the proper tools that will share your correct business information with directories.

Winning in the Complex, Competitive Local Search Ecosystem: Additional Topics Covered

At this point, your senior living marketing team may be throwing their arms in the air, believing local search to be a lose-lose strategy. That’s not the case, but as you can see, a lot can go wrong in the process.

In this episode of Fresh Insights from Fresh Faces, Phil also addresses:

  • The role aggregators play in the local search ecosystem
  • How syndicators impact local visibility
  • The number of known local SEO ranking factors
  • The three main areas that combine to make up local SEO
  • How a senior living community can submit their business information into a “source of truth” in the local search ecosystem

Winning in the local search ecosystem and local SEO in general isn’t an easy feat, but it’s certainly worth it. Of course, if your senior living marketing team needs help executing its local seo strategy, contact our team. We have experience helping senior living marketing teams in the complex local search ecosystem and will help your community become the “source of truth” to prospective residents.

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