Top 5 Factors to Senior Living SEO Program Success

Are you counting on your website and the SEO channel to deliver leads to your senior living community? If so, are you sure Google fully understands the depth of services your community offers and exactly where your community is located on the map?

There are hundreds of ranking factors that search engines evaluate when ranking your website. In addition, there are ~ 400 updates to the algorithm each year. How can your community’s website present itself to be indexed and ranked by Google to commence the flow of SEO lead success.

Please watch Episode 8 of Fresh Insights from Fresh Faces to learn the top 5 drivers of an effective SEO program.

The Top 5 Drivers of SEO Success

  1. Themes: Are you focused on 1 theme per page to rank for your key service lines?
  2. Site Structure: Are your best website pages hidden from the navigation?
  3. Location: Does Google understand WHERE you are with a high degree of precision?
  4. Mobile Responsive: You risk losing 50% of your traffic if you’re not.
  5. Internal and External Links: Still important. Just focus on quality over quantity.

Next Steps

Please join us next week as we review organic SEO strategies. For a full episode index, please visit our show page Fresh Insights from Fresh Faces.

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