Top Questions About Marketing Automation Answered for Senior Living

Marketing automation streamlines workflows and creates organizational efficiencies. An investment that provides value and helps marketing and sales teams surpass occupancy goals will be carefully scrutinized. Just like all potential investments, analyzing the ROI is necessary to ensure the benefits are worth the cost.

Continue reading to learn the five top areas of research needed when analyzing marketing automation and integrating this investment into your community’s revenue generating efforts.

What Level of Support will be Needed for my Community?

Understanding how much support (e.g. training, onboarding, etc.) is needed will help your community scope its investment. Some automation platforms will charge clients when a support call is needed while others will provide the needed support as a courtesy customer service. Will your organization require availability 24/7, or will basic support suffice when a problem arises? Investment levels can rise depending on the level of support required, so gauging how familiar teams are with this technology will help mitigate any costs that can feel tacked on with some marketing automation platforms.

Will my Organization be Locked Into a Long-Term Contract?

During the process of choosing the right marketing automation platform, your organization will discover some platforms offer month-to-month commitments while others require annual commitments. Confirm your organization is in alignment for monthly or annual costs based on your billing preferences to ensure this solution fits best with your specific needs.

What Additional Integrations are Essential to Leverage Marketing Automation?

The marketing automation platform will natively integrate with other tools and technology platforms. Some greatly beneficial integrations include:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
  • Contact center solutions

…the list goes on and extends to the emails sales teams often send to prospective residents. Additional integrations your senior living marketing and sales teams implement may provide the value your communities deserve.

How many Contacts will my Team Need to Manage Within Our Database?

Most marketing automation platforms have an introductory tier with 1,000 contacts. Costs can incrementally rise based on the total number of contacts your team requires. During initial onboarding, the more accurate your senior living organization estimates the number of contacts required will help you receive an accurate estimate for any charges related to contacts.

How much Training and/or Consulting will be Required to Maximize this Investment?

Consider user-friendliness and the intuitiveness of the platform as it relates to the onboarding and ramp-up period. Generally speaking, sales and marketing teams can’t afford to spend months onboarding before generating ROI through automation. That said, the marketing automation platform your community decides on will likely offer initial training sessions to familiarize your organization with this technology. Advanced training is often offered based on your community’s usage and specific needs.

Leverage Automation by Claiming Your Copy of The Guide to Modern Marketing Automation for Senior Living

Ultimately, your senior living community’s unique needs will dictate the sustained investment of a marketing automation platform. The questions above will help your senior living marketing and sales teams with its due diligence and will improve the potential of receiving buy-in from necessary stakeholders with less manual workload. That said, the points shared today are only a fraction of the questions and material covered in the Guide to Modern Marketing Automation for Senior Living.

Linkmedia 360 and Enquire hope this resource assists your community in its goal to make 2020 a transformative year for your organization.

For questions regarding a marketing automation platform, contact center solutions or a customer relationship (CRM) platform, please contact Delaine Blazek, Enquire VP of Sales, Senior Living.

If questions arise about integrating marketing automation and CRM platforms with analytics after claiming your copy of the Guide, contact our team. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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