ICYMI: Top Questions and Answers from our Programmatic Advertising Webinar

Does programmatic advertising, native content and remarketing sound complex, though your senior living marketing team has heard these terms countless times during conferences?

To simplify, consider shopping experiences online. It’s likely there were occasions where items weren’t purchased and shelved for a later date. Except, those items didn’t stay shelved for long. For the next several days, it feels like whatever website you visit, whether it’s YouTube, Facebook or CNN, ads for those products seem to follow you.

It’s not paranoia. The ads that seem to follow you from site to site are called remarketing ads. Remarketing is just one facet of programmatic advertising. None of that exposition is new for those who attended our live lunch & learn webinar on August 8th.

The 40-minute webinar was packed with information and during the concluding 15-minutes, insightful questions were asked by attendees. In the event your senior living marketing team was unable to attend, we’re providing additional context.

Continue reading to learn:

  • Four questions attendees asked during the Q&A section of the webinar that are essential to understanding programmatic advertising
  • How senior living providers can learn more about programmatic display and how it can be leveraged to accomplish a myriad of goals

Question #1: How do I Effectively Measure Programmatic Display?

The first step to measurement is expectation-setting and understanding your goals. Measurement alters based on what senior living marketing teams are expecting. If communities go into display (and programmatic) expecting last touch conversions, they may be disappointed by the results.

Programmatic advertising tends to work best when raising awareness and serves as an excellent brand-building tactic. That said, senior living communities can measure programmatic performance using the following KPIs:

  • Impressions (how many times the advertisement is shown).
  • Auction win-rate (a ratio of the total number of all available people reached compared to the number of auctions that are won. Linkmedia 360’s promised goal for clients is for an auction win-rate of 10%+).
  • Clicks.
  • View-through conversions. A view-through conversion is a conversion that has occurred after the ad was shown. View-through conversions are crucial because they address and augment the multi-stage, multi-funnel world senior living marketing teams find themselves in today. View-through conversions are a key success measurement in many programmatic display campaigns.

Question #2: During the Webinar, “Don’t be Creepy” was Mentioned. Are There Additional Tips, Best Practices or Privacy Concerns a Senior Living Provider Should be Aware of?

Senior living providers must always consider the number of interactions it has had with a person or persons before designing an ad. Secondarily, if your community is using information you know about the person, especially in the ad creative, consider how you would personally feel if you saw an ad. Linkmedia 360’s Director of Solutions explains in the clip below:

Gender and location? Neither are detrimental as long as your community doesn’t overtly phrase it in terms of, “Hey! You’re a female in Detroit Michigan”.

Rather, select creative that speaks closely to the location and the gender your community is referencing. Health conditions are also becoming more commonplace to see in display advertising. However; it’s better to stay vague. Your community doesn’t need to smack someone over the head with an advertisement about dementia. A preferable approach would be a banner advertisement with a family and ad copy that states, “Hear/Read About our Journey with Dementia”.

Question #3: Who Are the Primary Programmatic Vendors in the Space?

Every vendor is considered programmatic if it offers display advertising. Insertion order display buys are very rare now. The primary players are Google, Facebook, AOL, Choozle and the Trade Desk. That said, the vendors previously listed just scratch the surface.

Question #4: My Boss is Hyper-Focused on Conversions and I Only Have $100 Remaining in my Budget – is Programmatic Right for me?

In this case, probably not. As a caveat, if your senior living marketing team has maximized every other “bottom of the funnel” campaign programmatic would be viable. This goes back to the first question asked during the webinar, how to effectively measure programmatic display.

Any Additional Questions about Programmatic? Contact us or Download Our Guide

By understanding the various programmatic advertising channels available, your community can be proactive to the needs of prospective residents and ACIs alike, while meeting those needs with a programmatic ad that feels personalized to them. The programmatic channels that were covered during the webinar include:

  • Programmatic display advertising
  • Smart display ads
  • Native content advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Geofencing

In the event you or your team weren’t unable to attend our webinar, you’re in luck. The information covered during the webinar was a fraction of what’s covered in our programmatic display guide. Download your copy to receive full context.

We’re available and eager to answer any questions your community may have. Contact our team and we’ll be happy to help. Until then, see you at the next lunch and learn webinar!

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