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Twitter for Business


So, you want to push your business’s message to a specific target audience? You’d also like to share content like pdfs, website & blog information, videos and photos about your business?  Learning more about your audience and keeping abreast of their conversations would be great too.  What platform could you use?

As most of you know, Twitter is a micro-blogging, short message communication platform to send messages, also called tweets, to people or businesses that follow or subscribe to your account. These messages can be up to 140 characters. Your Twitter profile gives you the opportunity to communicate who you are, to showcase your business and to attract a particular audience of followers. Thoroughly complete your profile to let people know what geography you’re located in, your core interests, products and services.  Use an account name that reflects your business name.   Since you want to build trust among your followers, it’s a good idea to duplicate the same look, feel and branding that you use on your website.  Direct followers to your blog, website and social media profiles.   As far as your website is concerned, a lot of companies are now adding Twitter timelines to their home page.  This gives site visitors the opportunity to read your tweets and to encourage them to follow you.

Once you’ve got your account name and have set up your profile; it’s time to get started! You can access Twitter via the desktop or use the Twitter app on most Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry devices.  Begin following accounts that are of interest to your company, but be selective. In building the Twitter community that you follow, consider your customers, suppliers, vendors, associations, competitors and partners.  As your following grows, you will be able to categorize them into groups and create lists for certain groups (I personally haven’t done this yet, but need to.). One way to grow your Twitter community is by using the pound sign, (#) also called a hashtag. Linkmedia 360 has a close tie to the self- storage industry so you would see #selfstorage in some of our tweets.  When you see a hashtag in a tweet and click on it, a search of all relative tweets with that hashtag will be served up.  This helps you identify people you don’t yet follow but are talking about topics that are important for your business.

The following are the types of Twitter messages you can send:

1)    Tweet – a message sent to all who follow you

2)    Mention – a message you send mentioning another Twitter account

3)    @reply – a message you send replying to a message you received

4)    Direct message – this is a private comment to a specific Twitter account – these messages are only valid for accounts following you

5)    Retweet or RT – this message was originally created and sent by someone else and you share it with your followers

Twitter will allow you to set push notifications to your smartphone to be alerted to specific activities within your account such as when you get a new follower, when you receive a direct message, someone favorites or retweets a tweet you sent or you are mentioned in another post.  This will allow you a “real time” opportunity to keep the conversation in play.

Get out there and build your community and relationships, start some conversations and participate, participate, participate!!  If you’re interested in analytics, Social Media Examiner just released a great post on using analytics to find important data.

BTW, find me  @RenaeDabs on Twitter!!

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