Avoid 2 Google Analytics Acquisition Report Mistakes in Senior Living

Having inaccurate google analytics acquisition reports data is almost as bad as not having data at all to work from. Today, we’re helping your senior living marketing team clean up its Google Analytics Acquisition reports. Having accurate Acquisitions data will aid everything from smarter budget allocation, precise measurement, to receiving internal buy-in on initiatives your team wants the C-suite or Board to sign off on. You’ll learn:

  • Two mistakes that can occur within Google Analytics Acquisition reports
  • Solutions and steps your senior living marketing team can take to correct these errors within Google Analytics Acquisition reports

“Channel” Your Inner Google Analytics Expert and Avoid These Mistakes

Mistake #1 to Avoid – Miscategorized Other Channels – Remember the Nicole Kidman-led, Victorian-era, psychological horror film ‘The Others’? While we aren’t talking well-executed jump scares in this instance, incorrectly tracking the traffic within google analytics acquisition reports could be horrific when it comes to the assignment of site traffic to the wrong channel.

Why it Matters:

If your senior living marketing team doesn’t categorize its website traffic to the proper channel, it could hamper your community’s ability to positively impact the volume of traffic in key areas that assist in your occupancy strategy. This misalignment could lead your team to believe a specific channel is underperforming, when in actuality, is driving quality traffic ready to convert.

If your senior living marketing team is noticing an unusually high volume of traffic concentrated in the Other channel, it’s a sign that traffic is mis-categorized. The Other channel within google analytics acquisitions reports is a catch-all for the traffic visiting your website. In this case, google analytics is unsure of how to categorize this traffic and bounces it into the Other channel by default. The truth is, website visitors could have stemmed from paid, display, direct, email, referral, and more. Below are the steps your team can take to rectify this google analytics acquisition reports blunder:

What Your Senior Living Marketing Team Can Do:

Unfortunately, unless your team has a time machine handy, it won’t be able to change the historic data that’s miscategorized in the Other traffic channel. These rules are expressly determined by Google Analytics. Though, recognizing this google analytics acquisition report faux-pas is essential to data integrity and future success. That said, your team should re-route all future traffic to the applicable source, to ensure its acquisition reports are accurate from this point onward.

Mistake #2 to Avoid – Improperly Tagging Social Traffic to the Direct Channel:

Consider this the equivalent to the “Where’s the Beef?” of proving out social proof. Your senior living marketing team most likely takes time to craft social posts on the various channels within your marketing mix.

Why it Matters:

While some social channels are great ways to raise awareness for your community, they should all contribute towards your goal to promote your community’s unique offerings and drive occupancy goals. Direct traffic sessions are a result of a visitor typing in your site’s URL. Having social media website traffic categorized for those sessions skews the story your senior living marketing team could tell to receive approval to boost certain social posts that would drive value and help achieve your strategic initiatives.

What Your Senior Living Marketing Team Can Do:

To fix this google analytics acquisition report error, your team needs to set parameters on your social posts regardless of platform with specific URLs. These URLs should be unique to each respective platform your senior living community has a social presence. By properly campaign tagging your social traffic, your senior living marketing team will be able to definitively determine where traffic to your website stems from.

Implement These Google Analytics Acquisition Report Corrections and Improve Your Senior Living Marketing!

As you can see, mistakes within google analytics happen. But they don’t need to persist. Hopefully your senior living marketing team is better prepared to proactively recognize and rectify mistakes after reading through this post. But, if your team or community has any questions or recognizes another problem we didn’t identify within this post, feel free to contact our team. We’ll work with your community to avoid any potential pitfalls for data and traffic inconsistencies. Tell the right stories and receive the internal and corporate buy-in you need to accomplish your goals!

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