Google Wants to Help You Use Positive Customer Reviews to Drive Revenue

For many small business owners, ‘tis the season for big goals, shrinking marketing budgets, and the urge to innovate, all while time seems to shrink around you. Aren’t the holidays grand?

Fret not, for back in August, Google launched a new tool designed to help businesses called ‘Small Thanks’. And it very well could be a way to capitalize on the influx of customers who will be visiting your business over the holiday months.

This week, we shine the spotlight on Small Thanks with Google and how your business can take advantage of it this holiday season.

So what is Small Thanks?

Great question. As I mentioned above, Google recently launched this new feature in August that creates marketing collateral for your business for free, by using positive customer reviews. This is a perfect way to create a professional ad for your business without having to hire a graphic designer, and as we mentioned before, it’s 100% free. Granted, there are a couple caveats your business must have met before you can begin generating ads.

Your business must first:

  • Already have claimed and verified a Google My Business Profile
  • Already have multiple five-star reviews that Google can pull from

…and that’s it! Once your business has both of those taken care of, you can begin generating your own posters and marketing collateral.

How to Use Small Thanks

To begin, visit small thanks and type your businesses name in the search bar Google provides. Select your specific location, and Google will generate shareable marketing assets using positive customer reviews you already have. If you aren’t a fan of the aesthetics Google came up with you can also customize your own.

If you choose the customized approach, Google will provide a couple of layout options. Your customized ad can use up to three positive customer reviews randomly generated by Google and chosen by you. Customization options include:

  • Layout
  • Choice of Review (you can choose from one to three reviews featured)
  • Style of Poster
  • Color of Poster

Once you’ve made your poster, you can download it to whatever size or format you prefer. You can also share it to Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

After downloading the poster of your choosing, Google also provides options on how to incorporate your newly created marketing collateral.

Linkmedia 360 Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to get creative with how to use customer testimonials to your businesses advantage. Consider reaching out to customers who left five-star reviews and rewarding them with a gift card to your business.

In a competitive Q4, your business will need every strategic advantage available to maximize revenue potential. Consider Small Thanks with Google an early Christmas present, and start leveraging your positive word of mouth today!

Of course, should your team have difficulty in creating a GMB account or earning five-star reviews, you can always contact us. We’ll be happy to help. Small thank us later.

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