How to Launch a Facebook Ads Campaign to Enhance Senior Living Staffing and Recruitment Programs

Facebook is more than a place to connect with friends and loved ones. It’s a platform that can attract both active and passive candidates for open positions at senior living communities. In terms of its active audience, Facebook boasts a billion active monthly users. Facebook’s reach and active audience make it a viable platform to supplement a community’s staffing strategy. Recruiters have leveraged Facebook as a staffing solution for years. But, what actions should providers take given the limited targeting capabilities available with employment ads in the senior living category?

Continue reading to learn an effective solution for these restrictions to help your community reach and entice its ideal audience on Facebook.

Set up Facebook Recruiting Ads Using the Special Ads Category

Due to equal employment laws, ads promoting employment have limited targeting capabilities and increased restrictions compared to standard advertising categories. This is a measure to enforce Facebook’s policies and to reduce discrimination based on demographic characteristics such as age and gender. That said, you can still set up recruiting ads using the Special Ads category.

Note: While the Special Ads category limits your ability to target specific audiences, Facebook does gather engagement data and will serve your ads to individuals it thinks are the likeliest to engage.

As Wordstream notes, the higher the engagement the higher your rewards from Facebook. Keep in mind, it may take time for your senior living recruitment strategy to take hold, but the engagement data that’s collected will become more impactful over the duration of your campaign. Over time, this can increase the performance of your Facebook recruitment campaigns.

The image below is one example of an employment ad that drove engagement and traction on Facebook. Similar to senior living recruitment ads on other channels, your ads on Facebook should follow the best practices of appealing visuals, compelling copy and a call-to-action to drive a conversion.

Facebook ads for recruiting are a recommended addition to a senior living staffing strategy. Through Facebook, your community has the potential to reach the passive job seeker that wouldn’t have otherwise found or interacted with your community.

Partner With Linkmedia 360 for Senior Living Staffing and Recruiting

To supplement a community’s Facebook recruiting campaign and help providers capture interested and motivated job seekers, Linkmedia 360 created a turnkey online recruitment strategy consisting of paid search and social media advertising. Fill out the form below to improve your senior living staffing and recruitment efforts for any of your locations!

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This new program utilizes the following channels to maximize the visibility and impact of senior living recruitment and staffing strategies:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) search advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Jobs
  • Facebook careers retargeting
  • Boosted posts

Our team is here to help your community attract motivated job seekers for its open positions. Contact us with any questions your staff has in terms of improving its senior living recruitment and staffing strategies.

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