Know Your ACI? 2 Ways Generational Marketing Helps Senior Living Occupancy

Ever meet someone who ‘just gets you’? It’s a feeling senior living marketers try to replicate in their outreach with adult-child influencers. While having a pulse on the cultural and generational zeitgeist isn’t exactly written into your job description, tapping into it certainly helps your community reach occupancy goals when executed effectively. But how should your senior living marketing team go about it?

According to research from, 73% of seniors involve their children in the decision to live at a community, and help their parents transition from home to campus after the decision has been made.

To reach your goals, chances are your senior living marketing team will need to influence the influencers. To help you with that strategy, you’ll learn:

  • 2 Generational Marketing tips to ensure your senior living marketing team reaches out to the right adult-child influencer, on the right channel, with the right message

How to Influence the Influencer: 2 Generational Marketing Tips for Senior Living Teams

Before your senior living marketing team dives into creating compelling collateral to put the adult-child influencer at ease, do the following:

  • Consult Google Analytics data, demographic data, geographic data near your community
  • Understand and have answers to the main questions/concerns often asked by adult-child influencers

This preliminary bit of data gathering and note taking will help your team perform generational marketing like pros. Now, take this a step further.

1.) Use Separate Strategies for Generation X and Millennial Adult-Child Influencers – A good example in generational differences can be summed up by band preference. If your senior living marketing team approaches a person who loves ‘New Order’ the same way it approaches someone that prefers ‘My Chemical Romance’ expecting both to act the same way, then your team will set itself up for a rude awakening.

While these groups share the same need (finding the ideal living situation for mom and dad) their generational differences will compel your senior living marketing team to apply a separate approach for each. Your team can’t be everything to everyone, and if it bites off more than it can chew when being too generalized with its creative message, dilutes the ability to truly resonate with your desired audience.

To save your community from speaking to the masses with mixed messages, apply a separate generational marketing strategy for each ACI. Like a venn diagram, there will be overlaps in specific channels. Take social media for example. While both a Gen X’er and Millennial might be on the same social network, the way each of these generations use and enjoy the platform will vary, as will their communication preferences on that platform.

The point is to use the data your community has access to so it can prioritize and allocate marketing dollars to the adult-child influencer who will give your community the best chance at meeting its occupancy goals. Using your data and playing the numbers game will prevent your senior living marketing team from allocating too much of its marketing budget to the wrong audience.

Your community can cater its creative message to this defined audience, which depending on what your data tells you, will also dictate the strategy. If your community needs to prioritize both ACI’s, then developing personas will also help your team direct messages with the proper tone and style.

2.) Invest in Marketing Automation to Streamline ACI Outreach – If your senior living marketing team feels overwhelmed by separating ACI’s based on your data, then it will feel relieved when efforts are streamlined. Marketing automation enables organizations the ability to push out emails, updates, newsletters, curated content and more. CMO cites organizations that use marketing automation have seen a 14.5% increase in sales productivity.

Automation supplements an active strategy and will help your team with outreach while it focuses on other endeavors but isn’t a “set it and forget it” tactic. For additional tips on how to integrate marketing automation into your community, download your copy of our ‘2018 Senior Living Marketing Guide’. We provide tips for teams that want to win 2018, based on over 200 surveys with your senior living community peers to understand the greatest challenges impacting the teams of today.

Get to Influencing the Influencer

Being mindful of the fact that what might be endearing to one generation could be a cringy turnoff for another is important. While generational differences might not be drastic, making the distinction will provide specificity that truly helps your community execute its message like “you get them” and paint better pictures of your community to them.

If your senior living marketing team needs help making the distinction between ACI’s, or needs help crafting personas to reach them, contact our team. We have experience segmenting audiences and personas and will be happy to help. After all, the right approach to generational marketing and outreach can turn what was once old into something new again.

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