How Your Senior Living Community can use Paid Search to find Qualified Candidates

Senior living labor faces a lot of challenges, stemming from a myriad of factors. One factor is retaining motivated staff members – McKnight’s cites a 44% average staff turnover in senior living. Outside of retaining employees, macro factors sourced with research from The Bureau of Economic Analysis and Argentum project a growing economy – increasing at a 2.4 percent rate in 2018 over a 2.1 percent rate in 2017 – and projected job growth remaining steady from 2017 to 2018, at a rate of 1.5 percent – painting the picture of an improving economy, but a shallow labor pool for employers to find qualified candidates from. Enticing qualified employees to switch careers to work at your community is a challenge a lot of providers face in the space.

Couple that data with the fact that nationally, the unemployment rate is projected to decrease to 4 percent in 2018 means there will be even fewer applicants flooding the market, and senior living communities will need to entice them. To download Argentum’s Senior Living Labor & Workforce Trends report with additional findings, click here.

To combat the macro, national, regional, and local economic factors impacting senior living careers and employment, your community will need to do more than post open positions on job boards and hanging “We’re Hiring!” signs outside your window. Get strategic and use paid search to find the candidates who are the best fit for your community.

In this post, your senior living marketing team will learn:

  • What Pay-Per-Click (PPC ads) are
  • 3 Benefits to using PPC campaigns to recruit qualified candidates for senior living careers

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising? How can my Senior Living Community use Paid Search to find Qualified Candidates?

Pay-Per-Click, or PPC ads for short, is an online advertising model that directs web traffic (desktop, mobile, or tablet) to the website the ad pertains to. The advertiser placing the PPC ad only pays when a user clicks on the ad itself. Check out the screenshot below.

As you can see, the paid ads appear before any local SEO information, and before you see any organic positions on the search engine results page, or SERP. It’s easy to see the immediate advantages of having your community appear at the top of a SERP for a senior living career-related search query.

3 Big Benefits to Using PPC Ads to Assist Senior Living Employment Efforts

1.) Ensures Your Community Receives Traffic Related to the Content and Keywords Used in Your PPC Ad:

When your community posts an open position to a job board, it’s competing against hundreds of other companies within the same sector, in addition to other senior living communities, which are direct competition. This is especially important to consider for competitive industries like health care, foodservice, and hospitality that communities frequently hire and recruit for.

Instead of competing with every business in a given sector on a job board, combine job board postings with a PPC campaign and narrow the playing field to ensure the senior living career your community is hiring for is seen by qualified candidates and not passed over.

Your community should supplement the vacant positions it posts on job boards with a PPC campaign geared toward high demand positions that your team knows will receive search volume, and because it’s a paid ad, will appear first to candidates. When an interested candidate clicks on your paid ad, it can direct them directly to your site, or jobs portal.

2.) PPC Campaigns Allow Senior Living Marketers the Ability to Track Traffic and Understand User Behavior:

Do you know if interested applicants are engaging with your job-focused content? Oftentimes, posting senior living career opportunities on job boards alone won’t provide behavioral data about your applicants, compared to data from a PPC campaign. With a PPC employment campaign, your team or agency partner will be able to track the activity and report back meaningful data that can be repurposed to further the success of your employment efforts.

For example, using PPC data and analytics, we can determine if an applicant bounced from your site immediately, to determine how relevant that content was to the applicant. You can also measure the time spent on page, which will often correlate to the interest level of that applicant. Understanding the interactions your prospective applicants are having with your PPC ads will help your team make tweaks, adjustments, and optimizations to your paid campaign and website to better serve the success of your employment efforts.

3.) PPC Employment Campaigns Enable Teams the Ability to get Granular and Specific with Targeting:

Did a stellar CNA vacate their position suddenly, to the chagrin of your community? A dedicated PPC campaign can instantly adjust to account for any sudden (or planned) employment changes within a community. PPC ads allow for specific targeting for positions in demand. Finding a qualified CNA, LPN, RN, dining services team member, etc. is within the realm of possibility for your team, and quickly, with a targeted PPC ad.

Speaking of targeting options, your team can set parameters on the exact target radius your senior living community wants to pull applicants from. For example, if your community wanted to recruit for senior living careers from the city, a targeted PPC ad can get as granular as targeting zip codes in a specific area to ensure your campaign meets that criteria. Conversely, if your community wanted to drive interest from applicants living in suburbs outside the city, or further rural areas, a PPC ad could target that radius for your community.

Senior Living Hiring made Easier with a PPC Campaign: What’s next?

The diamond in the rough. Unicorn. Finding a needle in the haystack. Regardless of the expression your senior living community chooses, the underlying sentiment is consistent. Recruiting or hiring (either internally or externally) highly qualified, motivated, and talented candidates for roles in a community can feel like a fulltime job itself. But that job will become that much easier by implementing a PPC campaign that specifically targets candidates based on your community’s needs.

One of the most impactful revelations our team had after surveying over 200 senior living communities was the fact that most sales and marketing leaders have too much work, but too little time to accomplish tasks. This could include recruiting and hiring for senior living careers. To learn the other three greatest challenges facing senior living marketing professionals in 2018, download your copy of our guide.

Keep in mind: the results of your senior living PPC employment campaign will vary based on your geographic location, market, your spending parameters, the jobs your community is targeting, and other additional factors. If your team sees the value in PPC employment campaigns, but needs some help, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to help your community find the perfect candidate to fit the role you’re hiring for.

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