Capture Holiday Spirit at Your Senior Living Community | and how to use it in Your Video Marketing

The holidays are a time to create memories to share with others, and that also helps your video marketing strategy. Has your community considered using video? You might be surprised to hear that in the past 30 days, more video content has been uploaded online than the past 30 years of TV content. If you’ve heard the idiom “A picture is worth a thousand words” before, then imagine the worth your community could create by using video.

Video marketing is set to boom in 2019, with video accounting for 80 percent of global internet traffic. There are unique ways your senior living community can use video to create deeper connections with current residents while supporting census goals. And the holidays are the perfect time to start.

In a special ‘Holiday Edition’ of Fresh Insights From Fresh Faces, Phil is sharing the gift of video marketing tips, best practices, and video content ideas for senior living marketing teams.

Video Marketing Tips just in time for the Holidays

One of the barriers impacting the adoption of video marketing is the cost associated with production. Does your community have remaining budget it can put toward hiring a video production company? If your community does, it can focus on finding the right partner to bring its vision to life.

For community’s that have run out of budget, take heart. Most smartphones have video recording capabilities that offer a cost-effective way to produce and upload videos. If your senior living marketing team chooses to film with their phone, try the following:

  • Use natural lighting when possible – videos filmed using natural lighting prevents people and settings from appearing dimly lit
  • You can download an app like Deshake that stabilizes your videos

Finding the right lighting and location to film can be tricky at times. Your community’s holiday decorations – complete with stockings, tinsel and lights – provides the perfect backdrop to tell meaningful stories and anecdotes.

Video Marketing Ideas, Best Practices, and Insights: Additional Topics Covered

The video marketing tips in this post cover the first portion of the discussion. Phil also discusses the following video marketing topics:

  • Video marketing best practices with actionable recommendations
  • Video marketing ideas based on the holiday season to fuel content topics your community can use
  • Production tips to improve the quality of your videos

With the versatility of video, your senior living community has the potential to capture moments that truly resonate. Beyond the ideas, best practices and video marketing tips shared in this episode, we would be happy to provide additional feedback. Contact us, and we’ll help your community use video to engage with prospective residents.

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