Vine for Business

6 seconds. It is not much time. What can you really do in that time? Tie your shoes? No way can you brand yourself and/or get a message across, right? Think again!

Vine is the latest and greatest mobile app that allows the user to video tape 6 seconds of video with their phone using their app.  The video does not have to be 6 consecutive seconds. You simply tap the screen when you want to video and remove your finger when you are done. Once you have filled that 6 seconds, your video is complete. It is directly uploaded to Vine but also can be shared on Twitter & Facebook.  The beautiful thing about the video is it loops over and over until the user scrolls down to the next video on their home page. Users can follow friends, celebrities, or use the “Explore” function and look for videos that are in a specific category such as Family, Sports, Entertainment, Comedy, etc .

The big question is:

 How do you get your message out in an effective manner if you are a business wanting to use Vine?

Recently, Lexus has announced that they will reveal 2 new models of their vehicles using Vine and Taco Bell used it to introduce their new Doritos Cool Ranch Loco Tacos. (source: Mashable)   Although it is a challenge to come up with ideas to pull the consumer in, a company like Burts Bees has used humor in their Vine posts by recreating literary classics such as “Little Women” & “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”

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  • Do remember it’s only six seconds . . .. . . so don’t try to cram too much in!
  • Do make use of stop-motion for some cool effects.
  • Don’t forget to use hashtags so others can find your video.
  • Do involve your fans–Vine is great for collaboration and interaction.
  • Don’t post it until you’re happy. It’s too late for edits once it’s out there.
  • Do share it as widely as possible–Vine is meant for sharing!

(Source: Fast Company)

So put your thinking caps on and get your creativity juices flowing. Make your 6 seconds count!!

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