We All Can Use A Pal

Before I jump into the article I wanted to share with you, let me say…….I finally did it!  I’ve been “in love” with my Blackberry for about 10 years.  We were extremely close, but then it started to fail me, let me down.  I remember being in Columbus, OH trying to find a restaurant (due to hunger, I was at the point where the noise my stomach was making sounded like a lion) and when my daughter used the device to do some searches and seek some assistance with directions, etc., the phone just keep scrolling!  How annoying……anyway I’m the happy owner of the iPhone 4.  Not the ‘S”, just the 4 and I’m totally a happy camper.  Now on to the article……

I know we use our mobile devices in multiple ways and that’s the beauty of them.  Get caught up on World news, find out what’s happening in your Social Network, look up a recipe to make a great meal, find a business, etc.  This morning I saw this interesting article about PayPal and wanted to share.  Let us hear from you!  Are you part of the PayPal mobile growth?

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  • Senior Living
  • Self Storage
  • Addiction Rehab
  • Trade Shows
  • General