Website Landing Page Optimization Tips for Retail Banks

Why Location Landing Pages are Important for Retail Banking

Having a bank be “found” correctly online involves many moving parts including a good website, correct online listings and location landing pages. If listing data is incorrect or inconsistent between all these data sources, your name, address, phone number or website might not show up as prominently or not appear at all in search results. When a potential customer or current customer searches for a business, search engines and several mobile apps rely on location data from the bank’s website and third party data sources in an effort to provide the most accurate search results.

A key component for being found by the search engines and in turn by customers is having optimized location pages. The location’s landing page can be the most important stop for a bank consumer. The location page can be a “virtual salesperson” for the bank. It will be a place to share and even “sell” the branch’s services and features.  The location page is the anchor for all other online strategies. Utilizing all possible SEO techniques on a location page is extremely important to maximize its visibility.

By focusing on a strong technical foundation, driving relevancy through on-site content, and building authority to location pages, you can increase the visibility of your location pages. Putting time and effort into having the right information on a location page can reward a business with higher engagement and conversions.

Location Landing Page Components

What differentiates a good bank location page from a bad location page? There are many factors that will help a bank’s location landing page to be found online. The most important factor is that each page should have a unique URL that Google can crawl and discover each individual location page. Then, the page content can be created and optimized for search. A fully optimized landing page includes the following:

  • Important location information, customer reviews and testimonials
  • Tabs to hold more information (Promotions, Products, Photos, Directions)
  • Extended content that is optimized with locally specific keywords
  • Link to Google+ profile and other social media pages.
  • The Google My Business listing should be completely filled out, branded and has a clear description & photos of business.
  • For Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes, the Meta titles and descriptions should be optimized with local keywords.
  • The page should have an interactive (clickable) map
  • Unique image of the actual physical storage front
  • Clear Call-to-Actions on the page to drive conversions
  • Location pages should be mobile friendly

Location landing pages need to have all of these elements working together in order to help enhance and sell a bank’s services. Linkmedia 360 can develop a well-rounded digital marketing program for retail banks including online listing management and on-site and off-site SEO tactics. Stop by the Linkmedia 360 at Booth 360 at the BAI Retail Delivery 2015 Expo in Las Vegas in October!


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