The Value of an Optimized Self-Storage Website: 4 Website Optimization Tips

“I paid somebody a few years back to design my website. It’s done, right?” Well, not exactly. Many of your fellow self-storage marketing practitioners with seasoned experience would tell you that the real work has just begun.

After you’ve built the brick and mortar location of your self-storage facility, it’s easy to spot when maintenance is required. Whether it’s updating units, planting shrubbery outside to create an enticing appearance for customers, installing a security system, or something else – you understand the value because you can see it. Investing in the appearance of your facility helps you win over more customers.

Believe it or not, your website is the same way. Just like renovations aren’t complete to your facility after it’s built, your work is far from done once your website is created. Regular maintenance on both your website and physical location are necessary to stay competitive for today’s renters.

From the moment your website goes live (and experts will recommend implementing SEO tactics months before the site’s launched) it will be competing for the same online real estate as your savviest competitor. Gulp. Aside from the ever-present threat of competition, there are two reasons that speak to the value in optimizing your self-storage website.

  1. In a calendar year, Google updates or tweaks its algorithm 500-600 times. On top of that, online user behavior is continually adapting and evolving.
  2. You’ll get more traffic clicking, inquiring, and converting into customers.

You can’t get any clearer than our second reason. So, you might see the value in optimizing your self-storage website, but don’t know where to start. You’ve come to the right place. In this post you’ll learn:

  • 4 website optimization tips for your self-storage facility

4 Website Optimization Tips to Help Your Facility Earn More Renters in 2018

1.) Truncate Longform Content – This content optimization ties into your local, mobile customer’s experience while also serving as an SEO best practice. Your valuable, extremely useful content – blog posts, renters guides, etc. – will most likely contain places where long paragraphs can be condensed with bullet points, lists, or series to make the topic more digestible to a reader on the go, looking for quick bits of information.

2.) Prioritize “Top Performing Content” for Site Visitors – Keeping your local customer in mind, any resource that has been written that you’ve tracked and performs well should be placed for maximum visibility. For example, your self-storage marketing team could design a thumbnail to send site visitors to a landing page to your useful how-to guides. Optimizing and promoting your top performing content will convert more site visitors by building trust in your facility.

3.) Optimize Images – Not all of your potential customers will be searching for articles or helpful information alone. A third of Google’s traffic is derived from image queries, and Bright Local cites that as much as 60% of customers pay more consideration to local results that contain images. Since the majority of self-storage marketing effort is placed on local customers – 75% of your customers live or work within a two-mile radius of your facility – the benefits of having original, up-to-date photos of your facility and its units contribute immensely to your success. Your self-storage marketing team should implement:

  • Optimized image file names
  • Alt attributes
  • Reduced file sizes for faster loading speeds

All these elements will help your facility’s units become more visible to your local customers when they’re inquiring about unit sizes and location details.

4.) Optimize and Implement Schema Markup – Schema markup is code that your team adds to your website that helps search engines understand and serve informative results back to your site visitors. There are many different types of schema that can be implemented on your site, and one of the best places to refer your self-storage marketing team is

Optimize Everything? Continue Optimizing Your Site and Earn More Customers

Once your self-storage marketing team has implemented our recommended website optimization tips, continue to track your site traffic, conversions, and calls that lead to customers. Optimizations may take a little time to take hold, but will ultimately drive you the local, targeted traffic that’s vital to your success.

Of course, if your team has any questions, contact us. We’ll be happy to make specific optimization recommendations based on your storage facility’s unique location and goals.

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