Bye Bye Bing Ads, Hello Microsoft Advertising: PPC Advertising Update

On April 29th, after almost seven years of being referred to as Bing Ads, Microsoft announced in its blog that it was rebranding its suite of advertising products to Microsoft Advertising. While the rebranding may seem innocuous by nature, it will certainly impact over half a million companies that advertise products and services on Bing’s platform.

What does the rebrand to Microsoft Advertising mean to PPC advertising specialists? We share key takeaways from the announcement to provide clarity for your organization. Continue reading to learn:

  • Two takeaways from Microsoft’s accountment
  • What the rebrand to Microsoft Advertising means for the Bing brand

Key Takeaway #1: Data Privacy and Consumer Trust Are Priorities

Data protection is a growing concern both domestically and internationally. Facebook was recently fined $5 billion by the Federal Trade Commission for privacy violations and organizations operating outside the U.S. face increased restrictions with GDPR. In its blog post announcing the rebranding, Microsoft reiterated its consumer-centric approach to data privacy to foster trust between its brand and the individuals using it.

By taking a firm stance on consumer privacy, Microsoft is positioning its brand to be a thought leader in the years to come, and with the Microsoft Advertising rebrand, it is using its brand recognition to full effect.

Key Takeaway #2: Microsoft is Combining A.I. with Audience Intent for Increased Personalization

In its effort to provide a more comprehensive suite of offerings for marketers and a brand-safe environment for consumers, Microsoft is doubling down on personalization. The intent is to leverage the Microsoft Audience Network to extend its product offerings while integrating the Microsoft brand. This will enable Microsoft the ability to rollout products and enhancements in what will feel like a unified network.

As Microsoft Advertising continues to expand on A.I., personalization and automation initiatives for marketers, its recognizable brand name and unified portfolio will provide an opportunity to extend its current reach.

So What Does This Mean for PPC Advertising on Bing?

While Microsoft will keep Bing’s search engine and existing branding, the shift to Microsoft Advertising signals a competitive evolution to gain market share from Google. For all intents and purposes, Bing will remain unchanged, but Microsoft Advertising will provide a more recognizable and robust set of offerings for marketers globally.

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