“What is that bar coded box? An introduction to QR codes” webinar recap

How do you scan a QR Code?
How to scan a QR Code-photo courtesy of prospectsinfluential.com

Linkmedia 360 hosted the latest in a series of free informational webinars on Thursday, December 8, 2011 entitled “What is that bar coded box? An introduction to QR Codes”    Linkmedia 360’s managing partner, Dave Wolf was the presenter for this very informative presentation. QR codes can now be found everywhere from magazine and yellow pages ads to tags on products such as bananas or ketchup! The little bar coded box can be a great source for giving product information digitally to being a basis for a promotion-based advertising campaign. Accessing the information in the QR Code can easily be done via a scanning application via a smartphone.

Some key take-aways from the webinar are:

  1. A QR Code campaign gives insight to consumer demographics and geography. This allows the advertiser to assess the performance of print media campaigns.
  2. A managed QR Code solution allows easy access to change landing pages and advertising campaigns
  3. A QR Code advertising solution leverages and extends the value of print advertising.

Thanks again to Dave Wolf for presenting for this month’s webinar! Thanks to everyone that registered and attended the webinar!  Join us in January when Stefan Muirhead will discuss website redesign.     Keep an eye out on our blog, and Facebook, Twitter and Google + pages in the next month for more information and an invitation!

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