What’s Your Status?

I took a few minutes the other day to read several of the email articles I’ve signed up for and found one topic especially of interest. The article was talking about how we keep in touch with friends and family these days. Though I had a pen pal when I was about 14 (so hard to believe), gone are the days of sitting down in a comfy chair to write a long letter to a friend. It appears the method in which to stay in touch with your friends and family is through frequent updates to your status on social sites. And now with all the cool mobile applications, you can change your status, upload pictures of where you are and what you’re doing all from your phone. I don’t use Twitter, so I’m unclear as to its functionality, but I’m sure you can “tweet” and post updates via mobile as well.

Whether you use Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, updating your status is how your network stays informed about your life and feels connected to you. Personally, I update my status frequently through the week. I might post what seminars I’m attending, what I’m working on or where I’m traveling. But what I’ve noticed about my posts, is that on LinkedIn they’re more work/professional related whereas on Facebook, I might mention that I’m headed to the gym or something along those lines. What about you? How do you post your status updates and do you have a different strategy for LinkedIn vs Facebook. Ok, I’m signing off now. Maybe I’ll update my status and say “Just finished a blogpost”. Have a good one!

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